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Getting the Most From Your Heavy Equipment

When you work in construction, you will need several pieces of heavy equipment. All of them are going to cost you a lot. With all the money you spent on them, all the equipment pieces need to work hard to justify their costs.

Here is a quick primer on how you can get the most from your heavy equipment:

Read the Manual

When you buy your heavy equipment, the best thing to do is to sit down and read the manual. You may think that you know what your equipment has to offer, but the manual might surprise you. For example, suppliers often offer excavator attachments as additional purchases for those who have excavating machinery. This can give your equipment additional functionality that expands your use of the machinery.

Besides learning more about the functions of your heavy equipment, it will also teach you on proper operation of the equipment. Equipment like this may seem durable but if you push it in the wrong way, you can expect it to break down easily.

Regular Service and Checks

Keeping your equipment in great shape is another part of helping sure you get the most from it. After all, broken down equipment means that they are not working and may need repairs. To ensure their good condition, your equipment needs regular checking and servicing. Checks usually involve your operators looking things over before use so that every part of the equipment is fine.

Tire and fuel checks are common but knowing all the parts are okay can be reassuring. Parts wear out and being able to identify them so that you can replace them preemptively ensure that there is no downtime. There should be a checklist of what to look at on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

A regular service schedule can also be a big help. Oil changes and cleaning your equipment are just two of the examples of what can happen during proper servicing. Tuning things up every few months ensure that performance stays at acceptable levels for a long time.construction worker looking at the crane

Ensure That They Get to Rest

Though they are machines, your heavy equipment also needs rest. Constant use means that friction and heat build-up. This can end up damaging the parts of the machine. This is why it is important to not overwork your machinery. Have set times of rest for the machine so that it can cool down and get some servicing. Besides proper rest, your machines have weight limits. Don’t try to go over them because it will only result in a disaster.

Proper Storage

When not in use, heavy equipment also needs care. You can’t just leave it out exposed to the elements. Get a tarp to cover it up and store it in a dry place. Moisture can damage the electronic parts of heavy equipment and can promote rapid rusting.

Major purchases like heavy equipment are expensive. As a business owner, you will need to get a full return from this expense. The tips above should help ensure that you put the heavy machinery into good use. With proper use and maintenance, you can be sure that every dollar you spent on your equipment is worth it.

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