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Given the stresses of the past year’s lockdown restrictions and the all-consuming nature of the Covid19 pandemic, fewer people than ever have been able to easily visit their dentist in Stevenage for treatments that would have otherwise been readily available.

Thankfully, as normality gradually resumes, dental practices across the country are returning to full-service and patients can now once again give their oral health the attention it deserves.

Having teeth that are visibly stained, chipped, crooked or missing entirely can be the cause of a great deal of social pressure and embarrassment. By making an appointment with a cosmetic dentist you can fully reverse the negative impacts of visibly deteriorated teeth and renew your self-esteem and desire to smile.

What sort of cosmetic treatments can help?

Cosmetic dentistry is a massively varied and broad field of dental practice which includes a wide selection of treatments and approaches which range from minimally invasive to complex reconstructive procedures.

Because of the broad spectrum which ‘cosmetic dentistry’ covers, the best approach for any patient to get the proper treatment they need is to arrange for a consultation with a professional.

That way their oral health can be examined and determined by someone who specialises in the particular dental problems which a patient is experiencing – such as chipped teeth, dental staining or missing teeth.

Many people already have a general notion of the type of dental treatment they require, but may find that after speaking to a professional cosmetic dentist during a consultation there are other treatments that they may not have considered which could be a massive help to their smiles.

What are the most popular cosmetic treatments?

Prior to the pandemic derailing everything, the most popular and widely requested cosmetic dental treatment by far was cosmetic tooth whitening.

This is a process that has been specifically designed to eradicate yellow enamel, marks and dental staining from a patient’s teeth and give them a brighter looking smile.

Typically there are two main forms of cosmetic whitening that patients can choose between. The first is called ‘Zoom Whitneting’ – which is carried out from within the dentist chair and can achieve lasting results in just one sitting.

This process aims to brighten a patient’s enamel by up to 4-6 shades, and does so through a custom made tray that is moulded to fit over each patient’s teeth perfectly. Into this tray, the cosmetic dentist places a peroxide bleaching gel, which begins almost immediately in burning away any staining and marks.

The second option which is available to patients is ‘home whitening’ which involves a similar approach, only treatment can be completed from home over a longer period of time.

It should be mentioned however that not all tooth staining is the same – as some stains (called extrinsic staining) is more superficial and is caused by lifestyle choices such as smoking or drinking dark drinks like red wines or black coffees.

Intrinsic staining, which is the other main type of dental staining is a deeper-rooted problem that spans from the interior of the tooth.

This is why it is essential that you speak with a tooth whitening expert before you choose any one method of dental whitening as you’ll need to work out what type of staining you need in order to choose the best treatment method.

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