Get Better on the Road with These Motorcycle Upgrades

There is nothing like feeling the power of a motorcycle between your legs as you zip on the road to your destination. Many motorcycle lovers enjoy that feeling, but they want to go beyond that. For that to happen, they will need to do some tweaks and upgrades to their machines. Though there is a wide variety available, here are some that you should be able to do on your own with no difficulty.

Adjust Your Suspension

Like your car, your motorcycle ensures that you have a smooth ride by having a great suspension. The main problem is that, unlike cars, different motorcycle riders can affect the suspension differently. Factory suspension defaults to a standard weight. This means that if you are lighter or heavier than that, you can expect to feel a bumpy ride.

Ensure your comfort by adjusting the current suspension. Depending on what you want to do, you might need some custom parts. For example, customized compression springs in Texas and other states are the choices of many riders when it comes to absorbing the shocks of the road. Experiment a bit, at slow speeds, to see whether you are getting the best possible experience.

Change Out Your Rearsets

Though many people think that rearsets are just cosmetic, they do have a solid reason for your motorcycle. For those who don’t know, these are the bars where your legs and feet go while you are riding. Their main job is to help support your lower body in the ride. But they can also assist in better controlling the bike. A good set of rearsets will allow you to ride for hours without cramping. The best way to figure out if you have the right set is to sit on your bike as normal. You will immediately notice a difference if your rearsets are more comfortable.


Tweak Your Exhaust

The rumble that many motorcycle riders hear directly comes from the bike’s exhaust. Factory exhaust still has room for improvement, so you can easily change things up. You can opt to completely replace your bike’s exhaust or only slip-on additional exhaust piping. Slip-on exhausts are a favorite because they are so easy to install.

Get the Brakes Ready

When you travel at great speeds, you also need to be able to stop fast. This is why getting better brakes is important. Racing brakes are the choice selection since they have better pads and last longer than the basic model. Your bike would also benefit from braided brake lines since they hold better and are much more durable than the original.

Install Crash Sliders

Crashes and accidents happen. When you’re on a motorcycle, it can get even worse. This is why crash sliders are important. These are solid bars that are bolted to the side of your bike. When you slide, these bars ensure that your motorcycle doesn’t crush you along the way. It also protects the main body of the bike. Get durable ones, so that if an accident happens, you have better protection.

Factory motorcycles are great for beginners, but if you are a seasoned rider, you will want to have something special under you when you’re on the road. The upgrades above should help much with that. Decide which ones will be best for your motorcycle and yourself.

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