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Get a Commercial-grade Kitchen on a Budget

Are you a frustrated chef? Do you love watching Food Network and marvel at their kitchens? Do you often dream of designing a commercial-grade kitchen in your own home but don’t have the budget for it? It is possible to get a well-designed and modern kitchen provided that you know where to look for the right equipment and tools.

The key to a commercial-grade kitchen is a durable granite countertop from Provo or other cities. A granite countertop is great for all kinds of cooking, baking, and grilling. Granite is the preferred material for making chocolates, do you know that? It can also withstand pressure when you’re chopping meat. It does good with heat, too, so you can put pans and pots straight from the oven on top of the granite with no issue.

But a granite countertop is probably the easiest material for you to source. It’s available in many home-building stores. What you need are the other kitchen essentials that make up a commercial-grade kitchen.

Set a Budget

How much can you afford for the kitchen supplies and tools? Remember that it has to be a little higher than the budget you would set for an ordinary kitchen. This is a budget-friendly, commercial-grade kitchen. You will spend more than the usual amount you’re expecting. Look around some websites, collect information, and set your budget.

Measure Your Space

A lot of commercial kitchen supplies and equipment are massive. They are made for restaurant kitchens. Make sure that your kitchen space can accommodate the equipment you are eyeing. Otherwise, you’ll have to do more work in your kitchen. Measure your doorway, too, as you don’t want to belatedly realize that your new equipment can’t even fit in your door.

Look for the Energy Star Label

The Energy Star label is the assurance of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that the equipment has met the standard requirements for power saving and eco-friendliness. The label means that the equipment is energy-efficient and can provide long-term savings for the buyers. Although kitchen equipment is not required to have that label, it will benefit you in the long term through lower utility bills.

Visit Secondhand Shops

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Most hotels and restaurants will not take the time to recycle their old kitchen equipment and tools. Instead, they’ll call a secondhand shop that can take these items away from their kitchens. They’ve already used them to their capacities. But mind you, this “old” kitchen equipment isn’t old or outdated. At the most, they’re two models away from the current one on the market. They’re still good, and you can get them for a low price.

Be Informed About Warranties

Don’t get distracted by the flashy features of the kitchen gadgets. Ask the salespeople about the warranty and what is covered. The warranty speaks a lot about the durability of the equipment. Many brands offer lifetime warranties because that’s how sure they are about the durability of their products. Look for those brands.

It is possible to have a commercial-grade kitchen right in your own home and practice making the dishes you have watched on TV. All you need is a little bit of ingenuity and research to find the right products. Also, you should be a little handy in the kitchen. That way, you don’t have to call a contractor or a mechanic every time there’s something wrong.

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