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Four Things Your Dermatologist Wishes You Knew

Many people know little about what dermatologists really do. Well, dermatologists are so much more than just doctors removing pimples and blackheads. Below is a list of the things they wish everyone knows.

1. Living healthy will help your skin more

If you are suffering from acne and other skin problems, your dermatology specialist in Salem will most likely prescribe you with some ointments or pills to stop the pimples on your back from multiplying. However, the truth is that most dermatologists would actually prefer that you adjust your lifestyle first.

They say living healthy is a much better remedy to skin problems. As much as possible, they want you to stop smoking, avoid foods with high sugar content, exercise more, sleep well, wash your face regularly, and remove makeup carefully so that you will not damage your skin.

2. Do not bother to lie

A lot of people hate being nagged to put on sunscreen. But they hate it even more when they get sunburn and then they get scolded for not wearing sunscreen. This is why many patients lie when their dermatologist asks them if they wore sunscreen when they went outside under the sun. They would tell that they did but that the lotion might have not been effective in protecting their skin.

If you think you are smart enough to fool your dermatologist, think again. They are a lot smarter than you are and they will know right away if you are lying to them. They can even tell if you pop your pimples, so just tell the truth.

3. Go easy on your skincare products

When it comes to treating your skin, dermatologists would feel a lot better if you use lesser products instead of applying everything on your skin in one sitting. According to them, using three products at a time might not lead to the results you are looking for. For example, if you want to clean your skin with benzoyl peroxide, you should not use retinol with it because the former will only cancel out the latter.

Also, dermatologists want you to know that just because a particular skincare product is much more expensive, it is already more effective. There are a lot of products at affordable prices that are just as effective as the expensive ones. So, take comfort in the fact that you can treat your skin without breaking the bank.

4. They can see a lot on your skin

Many people think that dermatologists are only good for getting rid of pimples and detecting signs of skin cancer. But, did you know that they can go as far as detecting brain tumors just by looking at your skin? Yes, that is right. Dermatologists are equipped to detect other health problems by checking out the skin. To them, the epidermis holds many clues as to what is happening underneath.

So, if you have been holding onto that mindset that dermatologists are only skilled in removing acne, then you are sorely mistaken. Dermatologists are just as skilled as any physician out there, and they deserve your respect.

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