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Keep your Youthful Look — Stopping Your Skin from Aging Fast

Growing old is a fact of life — but looking old can be avoided or delayed at some degree. Take steps to keep your skin looking young. The earlier you start, the younger you can look.

Wear a Hat

Celebrities are all wearing hats, and it’s not just to look good. The sun is the main culprit when it comes to premature skin aging. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation can reduce your skin’s elasticity, allowing wrinkles to form. Chronic or extended exposure to UV can even destroy your skin’s underlying collagen and fat cells. Even worse, chronic exposure to UV raises your chances of developing skin cancer and melanomas.

The dangers of UV exposure is multiplied if you live in elevated states like Utah and Colorado or particularly sunny states like Hawaii and Nevada. Hats, sunblock, or just staying in the shade can keep your skin safe from the sun.


Dry skin cracks easier. Keep your body hydrated; 7 glasses of water a day might not be sufficient, especially on arid days. Keep your skin moisturized. Avoid harsh soaps and astringent, as these products peel away thin layers of your skin, including its natural oil content. Follow a nightly moisturizing regimen before you sleep, preferably using creams. If the air is arid, consider getting a swamp cooler or humidifier for your room or bring a mist sprayer to the office.


Ditch the Cigarettes

Smoking is bad both for your health and your skin. Cigarettes rob your body of oxygen, giving you a dull orange or gray pallor. The nicotine, tar, and other toxic substances in cigarettes destroy or impair the natural collagen and elastin in your skin — two substances that prevent your skin from wrinkling and sagging. Nicotine also constricts your blood vessels, making blood flow more difficult. Your body’s cells receive fewer nutrients and become more prone to damage and infection.

Once you stop smoking, your body immediately begins to heal. Your skin tone eventually returns to its original color and your collagen and elastin levels eventually recover. It only takes one smoke-free month for your body to recover and your skin to appear youthful again.

Hide a Little

Sometimes, your skin can take longer to recover, especially if you’re a little bit older. Make-up and foundation can conceal most signs of aging, but who would put on make-up every time they leave the house? One way to look younger is to mimic your favorite celebrities — with an injection or two. Botox and Juvederm injections have become more popular in Utah and other states in the past years,  and their use has become widely accepted.

Both Botox and Juvederm are minimally invasive, requiring only an injection in the right places. Both treatments cause minimal pain and discomfort, usually taken care of with a topical cream or light local anesthetic. Botox treatments can last from 3 months to a year, while Juvederm treatments usually last for more than a year.

Look as young as you feel by taking steps to stop your skin from aging. Keep these things in mind to get what your heart desires.

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