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First Fishing Trip Tips: Guaranteeing Your Kids’ Safety When Fishing

Going on a fishing trip has been a staple family bonding activity for decades, and it’s something that adults and children can enjoy all together. For kids, catching their first fish can be a very memorable occasion, and can help build their confidence. If done regularly, fishing can help kids enhance their motor planning and coordination, teach a lesson about patience and perseverance, makes them feel more independent, allows them to appreciate and enjoy nature, and can strengthen their bond with the family.

However, you’d want to make sure that your kids stay safe, especially during their first-ever fishing trip, so they won’t develop any apprehension towards the activity if they get injured or hurt. As such, we’ll be taking a look at different tips to help you keep your kids safe during their first fishing trip:

#1 Watch the Weather

If you’re planning your fishing trip, you’ll want to double-check the weather forecast for your chosen day(s) and make sure that it wouldn’t be raining or be too hot for fishing. Likewise, you should also be prepared in case of sudden changes in the weather. So even if it’s forecasted to be a sunny day, you should bring caps and clothing to protect your kids from the hot sun, while also bringing along a towel, raincoat, and some extra clothing, just in case it rains.

#2 Choose the Appropriate Equipment and Boat

When it comes to equipment, you’ll want to go for barbless fishing hooks for your kids’ fishing gear. In the unfortunate event that your child gets ‘hooked,’ barbless hooks are a lot faster and less painful to remove. You should consider buying or renting fishing poles/rods that are made for kids as they’re safer and a lot easier to use. And, if you’re planning on fishing on a boat instead of the pier during your fishing trip in Michigan, it’s best to look for pontoon boats to rent or purchase (if you plan on making this a regular activity) as they’re a lot more stable, a lot safer, and provides a lot of space so the whole family can enjoy the trip.

#3 Gear Up

Have your kids wear polarized sunglasses or similar protective eyewear to prevent any injuries to their eyes, and also make it easier for them to spot fish. If you’re going to fish on a boat (or even if you’re fishing on a pier), it’s recommended to have your kids wear a lifejacket, just in case they fall off the boat or pier, or if they end up getting pulled into it by a huge fish.

#4 Never Leave Them Unattended

Man holding a fishWhether they’re busy fishing on a pier or a boat, it’s integral always to have someone keep an eye on the kids. Make sure that they don’t wander off or attempt to remove the hook by themselves as they can end up going into the water or get badly hurt by the hook.

#5 First Aid Kit and CPR Training

As much as we’d want to avoid injuries, sometimes it’s just inevitable. So even if your child’s all geared up and fully supervised, you must have a first aid kit ready. It’s also essential that someone on the trip is well-trained in administering CPR just in case they accidentally go into the water.


Fishing can be an enjoyable, memorable, and educational activity for kids, but it is not without its risks. So make sure to take note of these basic tips to keep your child safe during their first fishing trip (and for the other fishing trips that are to come).

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