Being Fashionable Without Hoarding Expensive Clothes

Fashion brands fool us into thinking we need more clothes to be more fashionable. While there’s nothing wrong with collecting clothes, not everyone can afford them. It’s impractical for people without enough space as well. Sadly, many people — especially women — are shamed for repeating outfits, forcing them to buy more clothes they don’t need.

When it comes to clothing, quality is always better than quantity. Again, it’s alright to love clothes and collect them but choose quality ones. Prioritizing quantity may seem cheaper, but in the long run, it breaks the bank more. Buying replacement clothes frequently uses up your savings more than buying them once every four years, for example. Plus, where do your discarded clothes go? If you dump them outside, you’re not being sustainable. On the other hand, periodically buying high-quality garments allows you to generate less waste.

So that’s hack number one: choose quality clothes. The rest are as follows:

1. Combine Different Clothing Each Time

If you don’t use the same combinations each time, your outfit-repeating habit can be less obvious. This would be beneficial if repeating clothes makes you self-conscious.

For example, if you always have a particular tee with denim jeans, try pairing it with a skirt or pants of a different fabric next time. Use a different bag and footwear as well. Mix and match your usual wears to avoid achieving the same look over and over again. If combining different clothing takes too much time, plan your outfits to avoid cramming.

2. Mix Styles

Your smart casual blazer can go with a tank top or graphic tee. You can wear party shoes with denim jeans or dress shorts. Dressing up doesn’t have to be limited to one specific style. The only time to strictly stick to one style is during formal events or costume parties. But other than those, feel free to mix styles. Experiment with contrasting pieces and make them blend well. This way, you don’t have to buy a separate wardrobe for work clothes and casual clothes.

3. Discover New Brands

When the appropriate time to buy clothes comes, try out brands you’ve never bought from before. It may push the limits of your style and allow you to find better quality clothes. Don’t mind buying something expensive if you’ll only do it once in a while. Again, it’s more cost-efficient than buying several clothing items every month or so.

4. Smile More
woman with dirty blond hair smiling

A smile is an outfit in itself. It diverts attention away from what you’re wearing to how you look like. When you smile confidently, people will stop noticing your style. Instead, they’ll focus on how you carry yourself.

Smiling makes you more attractive. And if you’re attractive in people’s eyes, they’ll perceive you more positively. This is called the halo effect. You don’t have to exude it by wearing makeup or expensive clothes. A beautiful smile will do.

If you’re not confident of your smile, invest in it instead of splurging on low-quality clothes. Get fitted for braces by a reputable orthodontist. Even if you wear metal braces, smiling frequently would still boost your attractiveness and style.

5. Play With Proportions

If you’re bored with looking basic, see if you can be bold enough to play with proportions. For example, wear an oversize cardigan with nothing but a sports bra underneath. It’s a daring yet comfortable ensemble. To emphasize comfort, wear wide-leg jeans. The style is bold with just the right amount of skin.

6. Embrace Monochromatic Combinations

You don’t have to mix different colors to be fashionable. You can never go wrong with an all-black or all-white outfit. It’s streamlined and convenient. And despite being in a single color, it stands out. When you walk into a room full of colorfully dressed people, your eyes will undoubtedly be drawn to the one wearing just a single shade.

7. Swap Clothes With Your Friends

If borrowing each other’s clothes isn’t a problem in your circle of friends, try swapping styles from time to time. You can also trade clothes if some of your outfits don’t fit you anymore. Exchanging clothes can create unique bonding opportunities. You may even get to style each other. If you’ve always been fashion-savvy, you will be in your element. If you’re otherwise ignorant about fashion, playing dress-up with your friends can give you free, enjoyable styling lessons.

Looking good doesn’t have to be expensive. Sure, investments might be involved once in a while, but you’re not required to do it if you don’t want to. What’s more important is expressing self-confidence and focusing on your own comfort, not other people’s opinions.

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