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Effectively Turning Our Homes into Classrooms

It’s been months since schools started with remote learning because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even so, it’s not really surprising that your kids are still struggling with keeping their focus.

It’s not easy to stay engaged as they attend classroom sessions via video call. It also doesn’t help that your house may feel too crowded and cluttered. So clear up some of the space and create a makeshift classroom for your kids. Being in a clean and organised space will help them get into a proper learning mindset throughout the day.

The Learning Environment’s Impact on Kids’ Education

When considering what the “learning environment” is for your kids’ education, you have to consider these eight things: lighting, temperature, air quality, ownership, flexibility, complexity, and colour.

Studies found that these factors contribute to a child’s focus and engagement in class. The researchers stated that the learning environment is responsible for 16 percent of a child’s academic achievement. They even viewed the learning environment as the “third teacher.” It contributes to education by keeping kids safe and focused when they’re studying.

Another study also found that the learning environment also has significant effects on the relationships between students and teachers. They also state that there are effects on leadership capacities from students and even the turnover rates of teachers.

These effects urge us parents to reconsider the setup at home. It encourages us to see for ourselves how a good learning environment can positively impact our kids’ academic performance while remote learning at home.

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Ask Your Kids Where They Want to Set Up

Your kids know their schools better than you. They know how it’s properly set up and what they’re used to. So it’s only fitting that you enlist them to help you decide where they may want to set up their makeshift classroom. Your kids’ personalities also matter in this decision. Only they will truly understand what they’re comfortable with when they’re trying to focus at school.

The bedroom is a good place to start. If they prefer a more solitary experience when remote learning, they can set up shop in their bedrooms. If they want to be surrounded by other people, much like how it is in a classroom, they can set up in the living room. You’ll have to clear up some clutter to make space just for them.

Proper Work Desks and Chairs

Although your kids can attend classroom discussions while lounging around in bed or on the couch, it’s not advisable. It doesn’t help with their focus. They may feel drowsy and unable to focus.

So they need to have a proper desk and chair. Their chairs have to be comfortable so that they won’t have to worry about muscle aches after a few hours. But they also shouldn’t be too comfortable that they lose focus. If your kids want, they could even choose to use a classroom chair to really mimic the classroom experience.

No Distractions

For your kids (and you), the home has always been for play, rest, and bonding. Schools and offices are for work. But since we’re discouraged from going out in public too much, and schools are closed for the time being, we’ll have to make do.

To reorient your kids’ mindsets when they’re trying to study, you have to eliminate all possible distractions around them. That means no TV, video game devices, toys, and even some books for pleasure reading.

Complete Supplies Within Reach

Even though your children do their homework, write their essays, and finish their tests on the computer, they still need school supplies. It’s not good to rely too much on digital supplies. So it’s better if they still always use actual pencils and crayons.

It’s also important that they have all of their supplies properly organised. A cluttered workspace leads to a cluttered mind, after all.

Decorate the Workspace

To somewhat complete the learning environment at home, you and your kids should decorate the workspace. You can pin up posters such as a world map, a chart of the human body, or if your kid is a science buff, the Periodic Table of Elements.

Have some fun with your kids by keeping the space lively and colourful. So that your kids, too, would feel lively when they power through remote learning.

Of course, your kids miss their teachers, friends, and even their classrooms. Unfortunately, they have to make do with this setup and not have the full school experience. But with the right learning environment, your kids could enjoy a fruitful remote learning experience. They will thrive in an organised, clean, and colourful environment right at home.

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