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Do You Even Lift? The Importance of Working With A Rigger

The world is a maximalist place; it is made of big things. Tall buildings and bridges tower over you. You will see stacks of shipping containers in ports. Telecommunications towers are all over the world. When you stare at these things, you might ask how people build them or stack the pieces on each other. Clearly, this is the job for professionals.

The professionals dealing with lifting loads, pulling them up, and placing them in their designated places are called riggers. These people specialize in equipment and machinery that use ropes, pulleys, and items that can be maximized for lifting. More often than not, riggers use heavy equipment, such as giant pulleys and cranes.

Riggers are professionally trained to carry out these jobs. The work they are pursuing can be dangerous, so it is a must that riggers also have great knowledge of safety. If you wish to know more about these people, who are most likely employed by rigging companies in Florida, here are some of the things you may want to look at:

The Main Job of Riggers

The services of riggers are mainly used in the construction industry. They are often hired to lift heavy objects and equipment when building commercial structures and residential properties. Riggers are also assigned with taking the equipment to the higher floors of a construction project—so if you see cranes at top of a building, a rigger has probably made it possible. Riggers also transport heavy items, such as platforms, container vans, and forklifts. It is also common to see riggers in the following industries: military, drilling, logistics, and entertainment, particularly in movies.

Job Description Simplified

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Riggers do not just lift heavy objects in an instant. Their job is so intensive that it needs painstaking planning and careful considerations, especially if the job will be carried out in a place surrounded by people. The job of a rigger starts with a thorough assessment of the load to be carried, which includes the inspection of its weight and size. Once they are through with the examination, they will assembly the lifting system and use a combination of materials and equipment, such as ropes, cranes, and pulleys.

While doing all these things, riggers are expected to stay within the bounds of certain safety regulations. Some riggers may specialize in inspections and repairs of the material.

The Qualities of a Reliable Rigger

Responsible riggers are good communicators. They are supposed to simplify instructions so that directing the movement of cranes and lifting equipment will be efficient and safe. They are also good planners, often focusing on the construction of the rigging system and coming up with contingency plans. Besides these qualities, riggers should not be afraid of heights.

Alongside architects, engineers, and masons are the riggers who make lifting heavy loads possible. Knowing what these professionals do will make you appreciate how the world is built. If you are inspired by what these people do, you may even consider taking this career path, knowing that a lot of industries need them.

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