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Decorate Your Home Successfully with Vintage Furniture

Adding antique furniture and vintage pieces is an excellent way to breathe new life into a house. However, you need to tread carefully when shopping for such pieces. As it is proving to be a big hit among homeowners, many people are keen to spruce up their living spaces with timeless pieces that ooze class and style. Vintage decorative pieces and furniture lets your home stand out in a warm and welcoming way that will speak volumes of your taste and style.

Before you start shopping for antique home furniture in Albuquerque, NM, however, you need a master plan. Decorating with antique furniture isn’t the same as just filling your living room with old furniture.

Have fun with the design

Vintage pieces add an extra layer of character and personality. Therefore, you need to create a room that reflects today instead of trying to recreate the past. It’s perfectly okay to mix both contemporary and vintage furniture in your home.

Mixing these often-divergent styles not only breathes a new life into the antique piece, but also lets you present it in a new perspective. Simply because certain pieces are from different eras doesn’t mean they can’t work together. In most cases, vintage pieces jump to life when paired with modern artwork.

Having a little fun with the design process ensures that you’re not locked in a time capsule. If you’re fixated with a specific era, you might end up turning your home into a museum. That might suck the joy right out of decorating a home with vintage pieces.

Pick your vendors carefully

Credible antique dealers aren’t all about pushing you to buy every item that lands in their store — well, you shouldn’t anyway. You must be picky with the items you bring home if you want it to stand out. That might involve a little extra effort from you, but it will be worth it.

You need to hone your grasp of the various eras, periods, and styles when vintage pieces were in use. That’s in addition to a deep appreciation of the role colors, shapes, and forms play in decorating a room. Working with a reliable vendor can help you in both areas.

Antique vendors tend to be highly knowledgeable in such matters, and cozying up to one can help you master the delicate art. A master vendor can help you pick extraordinary pieces to give your home that unique shine. They can also offer insights into various periods to help layer your pieces accordingly.

Treasure the imperfections

One thing about antique furniture and art pieces is that they were previously in use. A such, they can sometimes sustain damage when landing at your doorstep. Watermarks, dents, and dings are a common occurrence in wooden furniture. Old oil painting may have a few cracks or a vase may have a chipped base.

The adage “scars add character” comes full circle when dealing with vintage furniture. As such, you must reconcile that each piece you come across might not be perfect. Unless an item is defective, it’s better to overlook imperfections. In the case of faulty items, you can get an expert to repair it or get the job done yourself.


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