Deciding on Your Flooring Renovation

You hired one of the roofing companies in Salt Lake City to be part of your home renovation project currently ongoing. After being postponed for nearly two years, you managed to take a long time off from work to supervise the home remodeling. Things have been stalled as well because of the weather and work inside the house has been pushed back another two weeks. In a way, that’s a relief because you haven’t fully decided yet what to do with the floor of your house. The interior designer presented you with some options, but you haven’t quite made up your mind yet.

You’re perhaps not alone in having a difficult time deciding. Here are some of the options you might be considering regarding floor installation:

Cost Consideration and the U.S. – China Trade War

Cost is one of the main considerations. The on-going trade war between the U.S. and China has had some negative impact on the construction industry in America. Tariffs imposed by the U.S. government on China imports, including flooring materials, have jacked-up prices in the American market. The estimate is that part of the $200 billion in tariffs will cover materials used in flooring, like fabricated wood or bamboo, plastics, tiles, vinyl, and ceramics. Many of the floor types used in bathrooms and kitchen, like ceramics and stones are imported from China.


The Material Consideration

You are going to have to make a decision one way or the other. If it’s not going to be based on cost, it’s going to be based on the materials. Hopefully, you can find a middle ground that both fits your budget and the style that you are aiming for. Here’s what you need to deliberate on:

  1. Wood. Nothing is both more traditional and elegant than hardwood floors. They are however the more expensive option, especially if you go for the more exotic kind like mahogany. If you want longevity in your investments, the more expensive hardwood might be the better choice. The cost for this will be about $8 to $15 per-square-foot. That’s roughly $3,200 for 400 square-foot floor area on the low end of the scale. Lower to middle-grade wood would be priced between $1 to $10.
  2. Natural stone, porcelain or ceramic. This material will have to go inevitably into the equation because they are the best materials for bathrooms and kitchens. Because it can come in various colors and also texture, it has the most aesthetic flexibility. It can easily adapt to your main color scheme or the overall style of the house. Take note, however, that you might need to install a heating system underneath so that it doesn’t feel too cold during wintertime. This option can be as cheap as less than $1 per square foot, but an HGTV estimate indicates a range between $4 to $12.
  3. Laminate. If you’ve watched HGTV’s reality show Income Property, you would know that the host, Scott McGillivray, would sometimes recommend laminate flooring. They can look like wood. They’re durable. They’re cheaper. The principal components of laminates are wood pulp and resin. Because they can mimic wood patterns and colors you can also aim for aesthetically pleasing designs to match your walls or furniture. If you’re not too concerned about a higher valuation of your property, laminate flooring is a cost-effective way to go. It will only set you back between $1 to $7 per-square-foot.

Carpets are also an option. But carpet maintenance could be a nightmare. Vinyl is another option and so is cork. You can add them to this list for consideration. Whatever you decide, make sure that it’s one thing you can live with for years to come.

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