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Curious about replacing lost teeth?

For those people who have lost one or several of their natural teeth, they may be interested in understanding the options that they have when it comes to replacing them.

It is important to replace missing teeth as the mouth is designed to have all teeth present, allowing a person to bite, chew and speak correctly. Missing teeth can pose a whole host of complications, such as an increase in the risk of infection and pain as the delicate gum tissue is exposed.

Those people who have missing teeth can also experience their remaining teeth shifting and moving, which can be unsightly and also increase the possibility of injury should they be unfortunate enough to be in an accident. Shifting teeth are also less stable, meaning that it is likely they too can be lost over time, a vicious cycle that thankfully can be halted.

High Dental Implants Melbourne offer dental implants as a solution to missing teeth. This long term and reliable method involves the insertion of a titanium metal rod directly into the jawbone. The site attempts to identify where the original tooth root was located and can be pinpointed exactly, thanks to some innovative scanning technology that is now available.

When the location is precise, the implant is more comfortable and the healing time is generally lessened. It is also less likely that complications will arise, making it more appealing to dentists and patients alike, who assess risk as a factor when determining whether the treatment is suitable for an individual.

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How long does the treatment take?

Once initial assessments are out of the way and a person is cleared to undergo the surgery, it only takes a day for even the most complex of cases. There is a treatment known as ‘same day teeth’, where patients who have dentures can walk out of the dental practice with a complete set of new, secured teeth that are hinged onto four tooth implants that have been strategically placed around the mouth.

Healing time differs between patients and this is why to be viable, one must be robust and generally healthy. It is a surgical procedure, albeit minor, so patients need to consider this and determine whether their body is able to heal.

It often takes about 6 weeks for a person to feel comfortable with using their new tooth and there can be a lag time between the insertion of the implant and the attaching of the actual crown or bridge.

It will take several months for a dentist to determine whether the implant itself was successful, as it takes this long for the bone to begin to fuse with the implant, the unique feature that titanium has with bone, which secures the site and allows a dentist to guarantee such a durable and long lasting result.

As with any treatment, a patient needs to consult their dentist if they are experiencing any abnormal discomfort or signs of infection, so as to ensure that the site is clean and healthy for appropriate healing to take place.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second

opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner

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