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Creepy Stories of People Going into the Sewers

If you’re looking for a reason not to start a career in sewage cleaning, then check out this article. Here are some stories of people who experienced something creepy in the dark tunnels beneath them. Some of them are scary enough that you’ll leave the work to sewage cleanup professionals in Greenwood.

‘Monster’ dog below

An electrician from Baltimore once had to work underground to fix some power lines in the sewage system. As he was working underneath East Redwood Street, he decided to take his lunch break. Instead of going topside, he walked the tunnels, wondering what’s in there.

While walking, he said a voice called him from one of the tunnel branches. He thought it was his foreman calling him for help, so he went towards the sound. However, the closer he came to the sound of the voice, the more uncomfortable he felt and the colder it became.

Finally, he entered an area that was quite large that a basketball court could easily fit in. But, what spooked him was that every step he made sounded like he was breaking something underfoot, which did not feel like branches.

When he shone his flashlight on the floor, he noticed little animal skulls all around him. What really scared him, though, was that they were all gathered on the floor and positioned to form a triangle. Then, at the tip of the triangle was a large skeleton that looked like that of a huge dog.

It was then that he said he heard what seemed to be a giant dog growling from afar. He ran as fast as he could and his heightened fear fueled his stride when he heard the “monster” dog starting to run after him. Fortunately, the electrician found a metal door that could bar the dog from getting him. He said he made it past the doorway and closed it just as the dog hit the other side of the door.

He never found out if the creature that was chasing him was, in fact, a dog because after that incident, the electrician never went back to the sewers.


man hole

A group of teenagers was looking for a place to smoke when they thought of an old sewer system in the former neighborhood of one of the guys. When they went there, they didn’t notice the writings on the wall because they were too busy.

But eventually, one of the guys read what was written on the tunnel walls and it freaked him out a bit. The message read, “Smoke the reefer, meet the reaper.” The group didn’t mind the warning, though.

They only stopped when they heard laughter coming from deep within the tunnels. They said the laughter continued and seemed to come closer. When they thought that whoever was laughing might appear behind the corner, they all scrambled up the ladder towards the manhole cover directly on top of them. The teenagers never went back after that.

So now, if you want to choose another career aside from cleaning sewers, then, by all means, go for it. Leave sewage cleaning to other people with a braver disposition.

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