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Different Kinds of Doors to Consider for Your Home

You probably think that all doors are the same. After all, they serve one purpose. But doors aren’t created equal, and there are several types of doors made from different materials. As a homeowner, there are a few things to consider before buying a new one: Do you want a fiberglass, wood, or glass door? You also have to think of the style.

Your choices are endless. As you can see, there are ultimate considerations to think about before picking out the right one for your home. So here are the most common types of doors for homes to help you get started.

Paneled Door

Paneled doors are one of the most common types of doors. In fact, you most likely have this one in your home already. The frame of this door is made from wood. And the shutter panels made from hardboard or plywood are placed inside. Panels can also be created out of glass, but wood panels are quite popular.

Glass Door

If you want a door with more aesthetic appeal, a glass door can make that happen. Glass doors are often made of wood frames with panels of glass set into it. And since glass doors can’t give privacy, they are usually used by homeowners at the back part of the house.

On the other hand, glass doors are perfect if you like natural light in your home, yet be warned; they are not easy to maintain and are typically more expensive than other types of doors.

Dutch Door

You may think that you haven’t seen one before, but dutch doors are common in some houses, too. Dutch doors have two parts and use different panels for the top and bottom segments. Often, dutch doors are used in the kitchen, but it is practically perfect for homes with pets as it lets them in and out of the house on their own.

Battened and Ledged Door

Battened and ledged doors are stylish and functional. However, this type of door can be hard to install, so you probably need to hire a home contractor to help you install it properly. This simple door contains wood battens with horizontal ledges (bottom, top, and middle). It can also be braced or framed and braced to make the door more aesthetic and increase its rigidity.

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Hinge Door

Hinge doors are commonly used as passage doors. They are installed on hinges so the door can swing from and to another room, making it the perfect door for hallways and common areas. You probably have seen this at one of your friend’s houses or most likely have this one installed already.

Wood Door

Wood doors are one of the most favorite doors of many homeowners, and that’s because this one is relatively easy to find. And while they are typically used in the exterior, they are perfect to use anywhere in the house.

Sliding Door

Sliding doors aren’t just for commercial spaces. You can also use them in your house, particularly in areas that need large openings, like the patio or your closet. They are a great option if you want to save space as they move on a track. And if you’re after a minimalist look, this door will never fail you.

Pocket Door

Pocket doors aren’t called “pocket” for no reason. This is a door usually found in closets, powder rooms, and bathrooms. If you want something non-obstructive or if you simply do not have so much space, pocket doors are a good bet.

French Door

French doors are perfect if you want a statement piece. Like hinge doors, you can open these doors on both sides, providing natural light and views. It can also be a great option if you want the room to look fancy and luxurious.

Fiberglass Door

If you want something low maintenance, go for a fiberglass door. What’s great about this is that it’s incredibly durable, long-lasting, highly insulated, and resistant to dents. Fiberglass doors are perfect for exterior and interior doors as they can be made out of wood panels, plus you can have them stained and painted according to your taste.

So there you have it—the ten different types of doors you can use for your home. Before buying one, consider how you want the room to look, as doors can have a significant impact on the overall appearance of the space.

In general, the design, aesthetics, functionality, durability, and materials are the key considerations in choosing a door. If you can’t figure out what looks best in your bedroom or living room, you can always consult a professional interior designer.

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