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Back on the Market: Opening up to Dating Again

Property owners want to make sure that no unauthorized person enters their premises. Building a concrete wall that is both tall and thick is an effective security measure that would keep unwanted people away. Something similar would exist on those who have just had their hearts broken, but this one likes to keep away people who can potentially hurt them again. This is also a defense mechanism to allow a person to heal their emotional wounds. It would take time before the heart opens up again, and only its owner knows when that will happen.

Experience is the best teacher, especially when it comes to getting into relationships. Falling in love and then getting your heart ripped to shreds is a rite of passage for many. If you have not experienced this yet, consider yourself lucky. But if you have been through that and think you may be ready to make yourself available in the dating market again, here are things you have to think about to prepare yourself better.

Time for Yourself

Breaking up with someone is truly painful, especially if you have spent many years with the other person. You will feel that those were times that you have just sent to the drain, never to come back. That is a risk that everyone takes when they enter a serious relationship, and you can only let time heal your wounds. But at one point, you have to help yourself move on. You know that you had both good and bad times with the person who is now your ex, but have you ever thought of times that you wanted to do alone? It is normal to make sacrifices when you are in a relationship. Now that you are no longer bound to someone, you can fulfill those inner thoughts and wishes. Make those happen so you do not regret not doing them later in life.

When you feel you have given yourself enough time to enjoy life, you can start thinking about letting yourself be available for dating again.

Readying the Other Aspects of You


Being in a relationship means you are sharing a big part of your life with another person. You make decisions together and also support each other when one of you experiences a setback. Both of you could have done your best to make it work and still end up separating. You should not blame each other, just think that it was not really meant to be. This should let you learn more about yourself. Being single now gives you all the time to be ready in some of life’s most important aspects. You can take advantage of this to push your career forward, which should lead you to become mature and financially stable. Hang out with your friends and your family more and listen to their advice. Their words should add a lot to your well of wisdom. By the time you meet the right person for you, they will probably be meeting the best version of yourself.

Back in the Game

You eventually will get back on your feet enjoying life again, and this will make your heart open itself back again to the possibility of romance. Wisdom will tell you to be more discerning of who you will entrust it to. Your experiences will help you filter out the things that do not matter. You should also set some proper expectations. People are not perfect, so you have to let virtues like patience and understanding control how you see other people and how you behave or react around them. With all these in place, you should be well-equipped to tackle another relationship.

Love makes the world go around. Do not let bad experiences define it, as it inherently has its ups and downs. Life is a journey and so is romance. If you have been brokenhearted recently, know that you will eventually find the person who is most compatible with you, and that should make you feel hopeful for the future. If you are with a significant other now and things are going well, there is no reason to worry. Just keep it up and see how far your love takes you.

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