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Dating Is Not Canceled During the Pandemic

The landscape of dating and falling in love has changed because of the coronavirus pandemic. People need to practice physical distancing, so dinner dates and bar meetups are a no-no. Besides, many of your favorite restaurants and bars are either not open for dine-in or are temporarily closed. But that doesn’t mean that you should let go of your dream of finding your dream partner.

Whether in real or virtual life, make sure that you are confident about meeting your future partner. This means putting in the work to look good physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whether it be getting dental implants or putting on makeup or wearing a nice shirt dress, you should make an effort to impress a date.

Use Video Calls

Get to know someone before deciding to meet up for a date. It takes a lot of effort to meet with someone today, so make sure that the person is well worth your time. Talk a few times on video calls about a variety of topics. Sometimes, you will find out things you don’t want in people just by engaging them in conversations.

Are you not comfortable with video calls? These are unusual times. You have to try to be a good communicator if you want to start dating again. You have to maximize technology and its ability to connect people despite the times. People have to be creative in crafting date night ideas that involve social distancing and, yes, face masks and shields.

Be Clear About Your Quarantine Rules

If you are going to meet a non-mask-wearing person, will you be comfortable with the date? Unfortunately, there is a growing sentiment against wearing masks in public. Some people just refuse to cooperate flat out. Make sure that your date is aware of your rules—that you will only meet people who wear masks and shields.

Dating During Pandemic Evolves

The new normal involves changes in the dating game. Data shows that public perception of dating has changed from March until now. During the early days of the pandemic, 87% of senior singles said they would wait to meet in person until the pandemic is over. In June, only 43% of them wanted to wait. The other half wanted to try this new dating normal.

As the pandemic moved from a short-term way of life to the new normal, single people also decided to adapt to these changes. In March, only 59% of that same group of people wore masks on dates. Today, 71% of them wear masks on dates.

New Approaches to Pandemic Dating

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So what are the kinds of dates you can do during the pandemic? People are more creative now than before. After adapting to the social-distancing guidelines, here are some of the creative things people came up with to continue finding their life-long partners:

1. Picnics

The best thing about picnics is that it’s done outside. There is less chance of infecting someone outdoors because the air can disperse the virus. Look for an uncrowded picnic area, pack your favorite meals (can be fast food or gourmet), and start to get to know each other six feet apart. You can still talk with that much space between you. In fact, you’ll exert more effort into listening to each other.

2. Grocery Runs

Compared to when the pandemic first hit, the grocery shelves are full now. You can do a grocery run together. Tell stories about your favorite cereals when you were a kid. This way, you’re actually fulfilling an errand you’re supposed to do another day. That’s hitting two birds with one stone.

3. Movies

Cinemas are not safe right now, but you can try some drive-in movie theaters, though that will still involve being inside an enclosed space—a car—with someone not from the same household. As a precaution, you are better off using Netflix Party, via which you can watch on one screen and video chat with each other. It’s as if you’re in the same room, too. Okay, this is not exactly the kind of movie date night you have envisioned, but it will do for now.

4. Meals

For now, you can have food delivered to your date’s address while having the same meal at home. Talk via video chat as you consume the food so that it’s like being at a restaurant. A better way to do this is to cook virtually together. Use the same recipe and find out who has made the better dish by sending a portion to each other.

It is time that you put technology to good use. Stop stalking an office crush and ask to date them via video call. This is your chance to get to know people in a whole new way. Don’t miss out on the chance.

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