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Affordable DIY Food Ideas for Your Wedding

Imagine this scenario. Your beau has popped the magic question. You were very eager to say yes. He sealed it with an elegant micro pave halo engagement ring from a shop like Kravit Jewelers that fits you like a second skin. Now, the plans for your wedding are in motion.

Practical couples try their best to cut costs without sacrificing quality. Food and beverages often take the bulk of a wedding budget. Thus, it is wise to look at this area to save. DIY wedding menu ideas are now a fast-growing trend. They are fit for casual or outdoor wedding venues. If you have enough culinary skills along with loved-ones who are willing to pitch in, you might want to give it a try. Read on for some inspirations.

Go Light with Some Finger Foods

Do away with fancy appetizers that most people do not even know how to pronounce. Instead, have fun with finger foods that people grew up with. Tacos with dips and vegetable or fruit platters are among the top choices. But canapes, tarts, and puffs are also excellent alternatives.

Small foods packed with rich flavors are an excellent way to start a lively wedding reception. You can use the simplest ingredients, such as cream, cheese, fruits, herbs, and spices.

Grace the Table with Family-Size Meals

Buffets are often the preferred way to let guests enjoy their meals at a wedding reception. But, sometimes, the long queues reduce the appetite of guests. Also, having servers for each dish on the buffet table entails excellent costs.

To solve these problems, you may opt for family-size meals. In context, it is like eating on a dinner table like a family. There are big servings of shared dishes set on each table. Then, guests can decide on the amount they will get. Some famous options for this set-up are lasagna, casseroles, or rice-based dishes. Having this set-up also encourages conversations among guests on the table.

Grill Some Meat

Imagine serving steaks at your wedding, minus the hefty costs. Be sure to marinate the meat cuts the night before your wedding. You can let guests taste a family favorite served at every outdoor grill gathering you ever had.

Treat your guests to a feast of senses with the rich aroma and taste of having meat cooked fresh off the grill. That is a memory that most of them will still talk about months or years after your wedding.

Get Some Cake Alternatives

Wedding cakes are among the expenses that you can cut off when you go the path of DIY. This element of the wedding is usually for display purposes only.

Do you have a knack for baking? Or does one of your wedding party willing to take this part? You can try serving your guests with some wedding cupcakes. You can even try cookies and brownies for a twist. If you are only after the sweet taste, surprise your guests with cold treats. Some examples are yogurt, sorbet, or ice cream.

Grab Some Beer Kegs

Who says that you need to have elaborate cocktail drinks to have a good time? Have your version of unlimited drinks by setting up beer keg stations. Wooden ones can give your wedding a rustic appeal. You may then choose local beers or even home-brewed ones; your wedding reception will get infused with high spirits. Be sure not to overdo it, though. You would not want a drunk guest on your special day.

Good food does not need to be fancy nor expensive. Those with a personal touch are more memorable ones. Consider this option when preparing for your special day.


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