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DIY Decor: Adding More Color to Your Home for Spring and Summer

Adding color can make any home more vibrant and feel alive, making your household more comfortable and lively—and perfectly in sync for spring and summer. The best part is that you can add splashes of colors to your house in different ways, going beyond traditional painting. Step outside the box and make your home more colorful this spring and summer with the following home decor color ideas.


While doing your annual spring-cleaning, why not put away the clutter and invest in a couple of colorful custom kitchen cabinets or bookshelves to make your home brighter and more functional in the summer and spring seasons. Adding a couple of artworks throughout the house is also ideal.

Fresh Paint

There’s no better way to make your home colorful than adding a fresh coat of paint. Doing this invites colors in your house and breaks up the cold monotony, making your household more vibrant, bright, and fun, making it perfectly attune with summer and spring. The best part is, there’s no better time to add in a fresh layer of paint than in warm weather.

Painting during spring and summer promises the best results and not only can make your space colorful, but it also adds more monetary value to your home, resulting in thousands of dollars of ROI.

Decorate with Flowers and Handicrafts

If you don’t have any pets or kids that can’t get into plants, what better way to add more color to your home than decorating with live flowers? Go to your local bodega and grab some flowers to change your house’s whole look and vibes. Some of the best choices you can go for are carnations, peonies, sunflowers, and tulips, sticking to the spring and summer look.

Filling empty spaces throughout your home with handicrafts, such as colorful throw rugs and wall hangings, is a great way to make your house more vibrant and lively. It’s best to use pastel or primary palette colors for your accent pieces as they perfectly balance neutral hues that most home furniture and appliances have. So freshen up your gray couch, add a couple of mint-colored pillows, or swap a glass vase with a colored one.

Add Indoor Plants

indoor plants

Not everyone has access to an outdoor garden or a balcony, and if that’s the case for you, you might’ve missed your chance of growing gorgeous and colorful plants. Luckily, with more people becoming environmentally conscious today, access to indoor plants is now nearly limitless, providing most people the chance to grow or add these vibrant plants inside their homes.

If you’re new to the concept and don’t have a green thumb, choose indoor plants that don’t need too much maintenance, including succulents or snake plants. Besides adding more liveliness to your home, these plants can make any indoor space “pop,” adding color even on the gloomiest rainy days.

Stick in Some Wallpaper

Although wallpaper has gone in and out of style for decades, it has always been a versatile choice in creating attractive designs without permanently altering your home’s walls. You can easily take advantage of home decor trends ranging from bold patterns to accent walls and change them whenever you feel like it, adding a pop of color to any space in your home. The best part about wallpaper is that it tends to have a longer lifespan, lasting up to 15 years without maintenance.

If you’re looking for something more unique, textured wallpaper is always an excellent choice to add to your home. It is designed to look three-dimensional, adding real depth to any room, featuring raised elements in its design, allowing the texture to pop just like 3-D.

Area Rug

Besides making your interior wall colors in sync with furniture and the rest of the decor, to add more pop of colors, placing a patterned area rug is a great way to define any color palette you’re going for in every room. Plus, adding a large piece of artwork in the room can perfectly complement the rug, adding interest to any space without overpowering the palette.

Add Window Treatments

Swapping your curtains or adding new window treatments is a great way to add colors to your house without being too overpowering. Heavy and ornate curtains are always suitable for winter, but not so much for the warmer months. Opt for lighter variations, such as curtains with airy or sheer fabric such as cotton and linen in lighter shades. They can brighten up your home and letting in more sunlight.

Despite what most people think, updating your home and adding color is easier and cheaper than it sounds. If you’re looking to add vibrancy to your home this summer and spring, following the methods mentioned can help brighten up your home, make it colorful, and be one with the warmer seasons. These can make your home appealing, more valuable, and comfortable.

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