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5 Tips to Make Moving House A Breeze

Moving house can be a real hassle, with all the stuff you have to transport and thinking of the logistics to go along with it. With all the considerations you have to make with continuing life in a new place and adjusting accordingly, the actual physical labour of moving should be as smooth as possible so you can focus your energy on other important tasks. Here are some tips to make the process a breeze.

1. Get a good removalist

With a good removalist at your side, you can relieve yourself the worry of how exactly you’re going to transport a home full of essential items, keepsakes, and valuables to another place safely and efficiently. When picking removalists, go for those who specialise in interstate removals, so you can trust that your items will be able to take the long haul, even if you’re moving from Melbourne to Tasmania. This way, your valuables are protected from theft and damage, and you also have a smoother trip ahead without having to lug everything personally.

2. Make a donation box

You may be tempted to carry the whole home, what with sentiment and convenience. However, as you start packing things up, you’ll find that there are plenty of things you don’t even really use anymore. A recent survey revealed that 1 in 5 Australians feel they barely have any room for themselves because of clutter. Carrying all that clutter will add weight and take up space, so make sure you can let those items get their second lives by setting aside a donation box. Anytime you come across an item you feel like you can let go, reach out for that handy donation box. Someone out there may find some good use for your old stuff yet.

3. Lessen the need for boxes


It may be overwhelming to keep track of so many boxes, so an excellent way to fix that is by letting your existing containers work for you. If you have suitcases, use them as makeshift boxes. As long as you securely pack them and tape them as necessary, it should work just the same. If you have any wardrobes and shelves that you will be moving, you could even leave some of the items inside if you plan to keep them in there in your new home anyway. This way, you can save on boxes (environmental plus!) and have fewer boxes you need to keep track of.

4. Pack by room

Labelling can be a chore, but it is necessary if one is to avoid turning unpacking into a guessing game. Some people label per housemate or owner, some by category (plates, books, clothes, etc.) but it can help speed along your unpacking process if you categorise and separate your items per room. For instance, all kitchen stuff goes in one box, and living room in another, with each bedroom, also having its designated boxes. It makes it easier to segregate the boxes when you arrive at your new place and can also speed things along during the actual packing process.

5. Make a moving calendar

Setting dates is an excellent guide for you to follow so that there are fewer chances of things going awry. With everything planned out, you can go through each bullet point with ease. This is especially helpful if you have payments to meet, documents to sort out, and of course, schedules with contractors and removalists.

With the right tricks up your sleeve and a little help, moving to a new house is no trouble. Off you go!

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