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5 Money-Saving Tips to Remodel Your Commercial Space

If you’ve been playing with the idea of giving your commercial space a fresh look and functionality by remodeling it, you must consider certain things to finish the project successfully without draining your funds.

Remodeling even just one spot in your business establishment could set you back a few hundreds or thousands of dollars. With this, you must be very careful with the decisions you make when changing how your commercial space looks and functions.

For one, you might want to install a second floor or perhaps a simple loft to add usable space. In such a case, you could hire an experienced commercial stair designer or contractor to complement the look and feel of the additional space you’re creating. In addition, there are equally great ways your business could attract customers with its appearance and functionality.

Here are some tips on how you could go about remodeling your commercial area without spending too much in the process:

Draw a remodeling plan of your own

The cost of hiring an architect or draftsman can be financially draining, especially if you need full-on details like a project management schedule and 3D rendering. Although there are companies that offer piecemeal design services, those on a truly limited budget could save big by drawing a simple remodeling plan that outlines the changes they need.

Be your own project manager

A technical job like project manager sure pays a lot, so you should expect to spend quite a considerable chunk of your working budget. If you’re on a tight budget, you should consider managing the project yourself. This way, you’ll be on top everything – who to hire, what materials to use, how long to finish the jobs required, and the like.

Commercial Space

Ask different contractors and suppliers for quotes

Many business owners out to remodel their establishments simply agree to the cost estimates of just one contractor or supplier. If you really want to save money and find the perfect people for the services and materials that you need, it’s wise to ask several suppliers and service providers for a quote. This way, you can compare which of them offer the best value for money in terms of price and quality of services or products.

Take on the simple tasks

If you have free time, tools, and skills to handle simple (or even technical) remodeling tasks, you should try doing so to save money. You may sand the floors, paint the walls, or handle the basic interior or exterior decorations if you’re confident enough in your DIY capabilities. You could even ask your family, friends, or next-door neighbors to lend you a hand to make the experience easier and fun.

Add usable spaces

You should consider maximizing space by adding functional spots to accommodate more clients or have additional workspace or storage facilities. If your budget and the available space allow, you should add another floor or a loft. In this case, you would need a commercial stair to allow easy access for everyone inside.

However, take note that there are specific guidelines and criteria that must be followed when designing and fabricating commercial stairs, so be sure to communicate this with your chosen stair designer or manufacturer. Just follow these remodeling tips and you could expect a greatly improved business space while staying within your budget.

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