3 Kitchen Upgrades Worth Considering

Home improvements are all the rage. Whether you’re adding something new or breathing new life into already existing but tarnished features, sprucing up your home gives visual appeal as well as functional and practical bonuses.

If you’re looking at the home features that you can consider as investments that will serve you well for the long run, here are ones you definitely should think about:

1. Granite countertops

Granite countertops are made for bearing substantial weight. They’re also easy to maintain and look pretty. They’re classic materials that have a timeless appeal. Most commonly, they are used in kitchens but they can also be used in islands around the home or even bathrooms. In neighborhoods with more “legacy” subdivisions such as in Salt Lake City, Utah, countertops made from granite tiles are popular. If you’ve got an existing granite countertop, you can hire a professional to help repair cracks or chips, though, with granite, that might not even be a common issue.

2. Linoleum Floors

Admittedly, linoleum floors might not sound the most appealing but they’re most certainly a relatively inexpensive and sturdy flooring option. Using the right mediums, you can paint on them for added pizzazz. They’re also easy to clean and maintain, hence why they were a popular flooring choice for older homeowners. Many modern homeowners who are looking for a more vintage feel still look for linoleum, too.

To keep them from looking dated, you can just keep them simple and clean, of course. What’s important is to keep them free from mildew and staining which can be done with a good deep clean every few months.

3. Porcelain knobs

Porcelain anything is certainly not inexpensive. But if you’ve struck it lucky at an older home that already has them, don’t even think about replacing them! Even if they may not be in the best shape anymore, the artistry and resell value of the home is substantially higher. Alternatively, if you have a newer home but are hoping to score porcelain bits and bobs, try looking for estate sales.

These are sanctioned sales of older estates that usually sell vintage pieces (even collectibles) for low prices. Some people even get to buy bags of vintage French lace without hurting their budget. Porcelain is a durable material as long as you don’t smash into them and maintenance is relatively simple.If you want to keep your house cozy, functional, and beautiful, sometimes the best way to do an upgrade is to keep it old-school. Classic pieces in a home, especially in the kitchen, are becoming scarce. When you maintain the integrity of classic features, you are preserving a home component that can only be more in demand as time goes by. Future generations will see your home and see the undeniable beauty and history that add to the value of the property.

Creating a better home environment is possible if you know exactly what to do. Start by following these suggestions and getting the help of professionals to ensure the success of every home improvement project.

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