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Stay Comfortable & Healthy While Working at Home This Summer

It’s been more than a year since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, forever changing our lives. Though in recent months, people across the world try to create a semblance of normalcy, not to mention the steady vaccination rollouts, everything is still far from how it was before the pandemic.

For one, remote work is still here to stay.

In the pre-pandemic world, only about 7 percent of workers typically work from home. These numbers only cover mostly white-collar professionals and those who are affluent. But with the outbreak of the coronavirus, the number of remote workers ballooned to 64 percent.

Even though most younger employees are used to telecommuting, for many, this was the first time they worked from home.

While working from home has certain perks like flexibility, saving up on gas, and more time with your kids, it also comes with several challenges. The sudden shift to a remote work setup has led several employees to experience loneliness and stress.

Working from home means no interaction with your colleagues, superiors, and friends at work. For those living alone, it only exacerbated the feeling of being detached. For parents raising kids, it meant having work-life mixed up.

However, there are still plenty of ways to combat all these mentally taxing emotions associated with remote work. As months roll on and we head towards summer, make your remote work as comfortable as possible with these tips.

#1 Create a Conducive Workspace

The foremost important consideration when working from home is the workspace that allows you to do your job efficiently and effectively.

Not everyone is lucky to have a spare room that can be transformed into a home office. However, you can always turn a nook or a corner of your house into an inviting workspace.

Since the season is turning warmer, you may even arrange a workspace outdoors. It allows you to enjoy the sun and the cool summer breeze. Check out the costs for patio enclosures to turn your outdoor living area into a home office.

#2 Stick to the Routine

It can be so easy to get lost with your structured routine as the season changes. You have to remember how valuable a routine is, however. Though it might be tempting to slack off, stay longer in bed more than usual, or sleep much later at night, your work would eventually pile up.

Successful people wake up early in the morning to start their day for excellent reasons. Not only will waking up in the morning makes you feel energized and motivated, but you also get a lot of things done faster. So, rather than hit the snooze button, get up and make your bed.

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#3 Invest in Ergonomic Office Furniture

Even if it has been months into quarantining and working from home, not every one of us really gave any thought about investing in good ergonomic home office furniture. After all, we were all thinking that eventually, we would be all back in our offices.

But that is far from reality.

Rather than sprawl in your sofa or bed or simply grab a dining room chair, invest in a good ergonomic table and chair for your home office. Your neck and back will thank you for that.

#4 Dress Up Like You Are Heading to Work

Tempting as it may sound to work on your pajamas, but that would only make you more lazy and unproductive. Studies have shown that dressing up as if you are heading to the office psychologically conditions you to stay productive and focused.

So next time, instead of lounging on your pajamas and oversized t-shirts, wear something casual. You will never know when you will have an impromptu Zoom or Skype meeting.

#5 Avoid Distractions

Distraction is the biggest battle any work-from-home employee has to conquer. Admittedly, it is easy to get personal and work matters mixed up when you do your job at home. You might even be doing it without knowing.

Do not let yourself go deep down in the rabbit hole, and do your best to avoid getting distracted. When you have a nine-to-five job, be sure you are on your work desk already at nine and get off it by 5 PM. Only take breaks during the scheduled hours. By disciplining yourself, you stay on top of your game.

#6 Take Safety Precautions

Summer is deemed to be the time when burglary cases are high. Homeowners are lower in their guards during the warm summer months. Not to mention, most families leave home for vacation during summer.

Help avoid any untoward incident by practicing security measures. It could simply be keeping doors and windows locked. Shrubs and tall plants should be trimmed down to refrain any criminals from concealing themselves as they lurk around your house.

A much better option is to install a home security device. Taking these measures ensures you can work in peace.

It would not be any time soon that companies would order their employees to report back to work in the offices. Until then, by taking note of these tips, you stay comfortable while working from home.

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