Why Can’t People Stop Talking About Avocados?

We’re all trying our best to live a healthier lifestyle. Those currently in the process of cutting their weight and managing their calorie intake know fully well what it feels like to be constantly bombarded with healthy food tips and the never-ending trends that pop up on your feed.

From the YouTube algorithm pushing intermittent fasting down your throat or that one friend who somehow manages to bother you about their latest food craze when you’re in the middle blow-drying your hair, it seems like you can never catch a break with these people!

However, if there’s one trend that people can’t seem to stop talking about is how avocados have managed to change their diet and improved their lifestyle, taking their health and wellness to a whole new level. And when there’s so much hype surrounding something so simple as a fruit, we know how it can’t be helped to exercise a bit of skepticism instead of falling right for the herd mentality. So, today we will be learning just what makes these avocados so good and if their popularity is rightfully deserved.

It’s A Fruit, So It’s Healthy

Of course, like with any fruit on the face of the Earth, avocados are filled with essential vitamins and minerals, which makes them naturally healthy from the get-go. And if we’re weighing the scale on the health factor alone, then it’s pretty much a landslide victory, and we can all pack our bags and go home. However, we can also say the same for all other fruits like apples, bananas, and berries, but what makes the avocado stand out?

  • Healthy Fat, Vitamins, And More: It turns out that avocados aren’t just your typical fruit because they come jampacked with healthy fat that helps nutrient absorption, fiber goodness to help with digestion, and numerous vitamins that combat heart disease and high cholesterol. Plus, they also outshine bananas when it comes to potassium, an important mineral that helps your muscles move. Essentially, the avocado is a jack-of-all-trades that also snatches the potassium crown away.
  • Delicious Taste And Creamy Texture: In terms of taste and texture, the avocado is no slacker either, with a great natural flavor accompanied by a creamy and delightful texture. And because of those properties alone, they’re more appealing than other fruits that only act as standalone snacks or require some other medium to make them taste just as good.

What Makes The Avocado Really Shine? A Super Versatile Fruit.

avocado toast

Above all, the single factor that lets avocado shine brighter than all other fruits is its versatility. And not a lot of fruits come close to the widespread application of avocado from recipes to varying lifestyles. It’s a godsend for many, and it’s no surprise why it’s made a resurgence here in 2021.

  • Fits In Your Macros: For anyone stuck with strict dietary guidelines to follow, the avocado is an excellent meal that doesn’t count as a “cheat” meal despite how good and unfaithful it may seem to your diet. The nutritional content helps you meet your daily intake requirements while getting your fill of sweet and delicious.
  • Endless Recipes: From the famous avocado toast to the mouthwatering appeal of avocado smoothies, there’s an endless collection of dishes and beverages you can recreate right at the comfort of your kitchen. Heck, you can even add it on top of your salads to give them a bit more punch.

Here’s What They Don’t Tell You

However, despite how perfect media and your trendy-heathy friends like to make it seem, avocados are by no means perfect and can actually be counterproductive. And we think it’s justice that we lay down all the facts, including the ones that put avocado in a bad light.

  • Might Cause Unintended Weight Gain: The nutritional content is one thing, but the ratio to calories is not appealing. You can have over 250 calories in one large fruit, and it’s super easy to go over your caloric intake because they can get quite addictive.
  • Lead To Some Nasty Tummy Aches: While the fiber found in avocado does help improve digestion, a single large fruit matches half of your recommended intake for the day. And if you go over two avocados in a single seating, it can cause some indigestion then tummy aches.
  • Can Be Loaded With Sugar: If you’re not up to making the recipes yourself and prefer ordering them, then you might be dealing with dishes that are loaded with sugar. You see, avocado pairs very well with any sweetener, and the fruit can mask all the extra sugar intake you’re committing in the name of good food.

Watch Your Avocado Intake!

In conclusion, while avocados seem way overhyped in certain aspects, it rightfully deserves the merit in certain scenarios when you’re responsible with your avocado consumption. So, if you want to make this avocado trend work, watch your intake and maybe add a couple more hip stretches and exercises to burn off anything extra.

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