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Why Choose A Private Dentist In Nottingham?

Are you looking for a dentist and don’t know whether it’s worth going private or not? If so, there may be a few things you’d like to consider about choosing a private dentist in Nottingham. With waiting lists to get on to an NHS list, going private means that you can be seen as soon as you need to be. Of course, this is not the only reason to choose a private dentist, though. Private dentists offer a wide range of treatments that would not necessarily be available on the NHS for all patients. One area that you may be surprised to learn about is facial aesthetics.

Why do dentists offer facial aesthetic treatments?

While dentists are synonymous with teeth, don’t think that they don’t know a thing or two about the whole face! In fact, dentists know a lot about facial anatomy, and that’s what makes them well-placed to offer facial aesthetic treatments. What’s more, they are also experienced in carrying out delicate procedures, so they would be able to inject tiny facial muscles, for example.

What sorts of treatments do dentists offer for facial aesthetics?

Dentists can assist with anti-wrinkle treatments. Using injections of botulinum toxin, they inject the muscles in the face that cause ‘expression’ lines. The botulinum toxin relaxes these muscles by blocking the nerve endings and allows the skin to look smoother as a result. The treatment only takes 5 to 10 minutes and can be used on many areas of the face. The results can take just up to a week to be seen.

Other treatments that are available for facial aesthetics are neck lifts, facial slimming and lip and cheek fillers.

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How to know whether it is the right treatment

Just as you would with a treatment for your teeth, booking in for a consultation at the dental practice is an essential part of any treatment process. During a consultation, your dentist will discuss your goals about your facial aesthetic treatment to determine what it is you are hoping to achieve. They will then be able to discuss the relevant treatments that may be suitable for you. During this consultation, it will also be important for your dentist to explain what is involved in any of the treatments that you want to pursue. They can answer any questions that you may have about the treatments to ensure that whatever route you decide to go with, you are doing so with all of the information you need to make that decision.

Private for the win?

Some dentists will offer both NHS and private treatments, and you must understand that if you only want NHS treatment, you will not be able to have certain treatments like facial aesthetics or teeth whitening. Anything that is not clinically necessary will not be covered on the NHS. However, with a private dentist, you can have control over your treatment plan with everything the practice has on offer. You can choose the treatments that are suitable for you and get the look you want for your whole visage. So, why deprive yourself of going all out with a private dentist? Treat yourself – you deserve it!

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