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When Bad Breath Becomes a Problem for Your Little One

Adults aren’t the only ones who are susceptible to bad breath. Even your kids and babies are not safe from the unpleasant oral odor. When they do have bad breath, their diet isn’t always to blame. Sometimes, it could be a physical problem.

Gum Disease and Tooth Decay
Despite your best efforts in keeping your child’s teeth clean, tooth decay and/or gum disease can still occur. Perhaps their gums got infected and the bacteria compromised their gum health. Or perhaps food debris that got stuck in between your child’s teeth and they weren’t able to brush it off properly.

Food bits can cause plaque on the teeth, which will eventually lead to decay. When your child’s teeth are starting to decay, that’s when bad breath begins to develop. So it’s important that you and your child frequently visit their children’s dentist in Utah County for regular cleaning and check-ups.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth can also cause your child to have a case of bad breath. Our saliva is integral in maintaining oral hygiene because it washes down food debris that may have gotten stuck in between your teeth. It also eliminates bacteria that can cause foul odors.

So, have your child drink water regularly to keep their mouth (and their bodies!) hydrated.

Infected Tonsils

Infected tonsils can also lead to bad breath due to bacteria in the mouth. So, if your child’s breath smells you should check his tonsils to see if they’re infected. Infected tonsils will look inflamed and it could even have pus. If your child’s tonsils are indeed infected, schedule a visit to their pediatrician right away to have them treated.

Sinus Problems

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Sinus infection can also lead to bad breath because of the overproduction of mucus. When your child has a sinus infection, their sinus cavity will produce an excessive amount of mucus to protect their body from bad bacteria. Unfortunately, some of the mucus can drip down your child’s throat and cling to the esophagus, causing the foul odor.

When your child’s mucus gets stuck in the esophagus, the bacteria-rich substance can cause bad breath. So, if your child is suffering from colds or a sinus infection, treat them right away with Vitamin C and regular consumption of fluids.

Foreign Objects

This may not be your first thought, but your little one’s bad breath could be due to something foreign stuck in their nasal passages. Children are curious, and their nostrils are just the right size for inserting tiny items such as toys, beads, beans, and food.

When a foreign object gets lodged in their nasal passages, it can create a foul smell. If you think that this is causing your child’s bad breath, visit a doctor to check their nasal passages. Avoid attempting to remove the object on your own. Instead, have the doctor do it safely.

Children can develop bad breath too, just like adults. But, as long as you know what’s creating a foul odor in your child’s mouth, you can fix it right away.

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