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What Your Teeth Say About You

Our smiles say a lot about the way we live and how we feel. At first glance, our smiles convey our attitudes and feelings. Are we happy, sad, concerned, apprehensive, or scared? We read people’s feelings by the way they smile—is it a full-blown smile or is more forced? But the real secrets of what your teeth tell about you lies behind your smile. Your teeth can say a lot about your good and bad habits, as well as the kind of lifestyle that you live.

Why do you think archaeologists are always excited when they find a complete set of molars? Teeth follow the same growth pattern as humans. Archaeologists can tell a lot about the way of living in the past based on the people’s teeth. Paleontologists follow the same pattern. Those who study ancient creatures such as dinosaurs were able to identify herbivore and carnivore dinosaurs based on their teeth.

Discolored Teeth

The common misconception when people have discolored and stained teeth is that they are poor. Although this is a form of stereotyping, one can’t help but think that people with discolored teeth do not have dental insurance nor money to pay for a dental visit. The color of your teeth has an unusual impact on your attractiveness. People with pearly whites are more attractive in general, so that’s why those with discolored teeth spend on teeth whitening kits and procedures to improve their looks.

In fact, one study found out that whiter teeth make people appear five years younger than they really are. Plus, their attractiveness level increases by as much as 20%. Aside from teeth whitening strips, kits, toothpaste, and procedures, you can also avoid certain food and drinks that stain the teeth. These are berries, citruses, wine, tea, coffee, candy, and sodas.

If you do have to drink soda and juices, make sure to use a straw so that they won’t touch your teeth. You should also rinse your mouth immediately and brush your teeth after waiting for 30 minutes. That’s enough time to make sure that brushing your teeth after eating acidic food won’t damage the enamel.

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Teeth Grinding

If you are grinding your teeth, that will manifest physically. Aside from the fact that teeth grinding gyrates on the nerves of those who hear it, it also manifests physically in the form of worn tooth enamel and jaw, neck, or face pain and soreness. What do people think of those who grind their teeth whether they’re aware or asleep?

Teeth grinding or bruxism is usually a symptom of stress, anxiety, and grief. People experience a lot of physical symptoms when they are stressed and anxious. Bruxism falls under that category, too. But what intensifies teeth grinding more is when people smoke, increase their caffeine intake, and consume excessive alcohol.

Misaligned Teeth

People with misaligned teeth are also perceived as unattractive. There are many reasons for misaligned teeth—ranging from genetics and heredity to poor nutrition to facial injury. Crooked teeth, no matter the reason, looks and feels like an abnormality. Studies showed that people with crooked teeth usually have low confidence and self-esteem. Many of them even refuse to smile or show their teeth because they are embarrassed by them.

What do crooked teeth say about a person? Mostly, it signifies that at some point in that person’s life, they failed to take care of their dental health. In children, the blame is on the parents since misaligned teeth mean the parents are not bringing their kids to the dentists nor are they spending on their oral and dental health.

The Underlying Reason

Why is there a lot of dental problems? The underlying problem is the cost of dental procedures and even consultation in the country. A root canal can cost $1,000. Braces cost around $5,000 while veneers are around $10,000 to $30,000 per set. With these prices, should you still wonder why people are going to the dentist at the last minute? Does it still shock you that they are putting off going to the dentist?

When it comes to your teeth, go back to what health experts have always said: prevention is better than cure. The better you take care of your teeth now, the less you have to spend on their repair in the future. Imagine, you can save thousands of bucks if you will only have your teeth professionally cleaned regularly.

There’s a lot that people can learn from the way you smile. They can see how confident and self-assured you are by your smile. People can judge your income, personality, character, and even attitude based on the way you smile. There should be no reason for you not to give your teeth the attention and care they deserve.

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