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What Does Your Car Say About You?

That adage, “You are what you drive,” may prove to be true. Experts say that there are three things people consider when shopping for cars. The first one is who you think you are. The second is who you want to be. And the third is how you want others to see you. For many, their cars are the extension of themselves. You can tell a person’s character based on their ride.

If a car is well-maintained and has durable powder-coated wheels, this will tell you that the owner is responsible, organized, and neat. Some experts may even suggest that your car tells more about your personality than your house. After all, you take your car with you everywhere you go in Utah. Since it is small, it is easier to maintain. You can take it to the car wash, spend 10 minutes there, and have your car looking clean and glossy. If you can’t take the time to wash a tiny space such as your car, how untidy does your house look?

Shiny Red Cars Mean You Take Financial Risks

Red cars are more likely to be stolen or pulled over by the police, research shows. These cars are made to look expensive and splashy. Owners want to get positive attention, but it also means that they are ready to take financial risks. What you’re saying when you choose a red car is that you’re ready for the attention you’re going to get, whether positive or negative.

Three-row Minivans Mean You Love a Crowd

Owning a minivan means that you want to take your family and kids with you always. You’re a family person. You are defined by your status as a parent. It isn’t just about the convenience, the storage space, and the safety. A minivan is your way of showing that you love driving people around.

Bright Lights Mean You Are Selfish

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All drivers are aware that brighter lights tend to blind other drivers. Still, many still use them because they work better on dark roads. Many states are considering imposing a ban on the use of brighter lights. If you’re one of the drivers who had these lights installed, it means that your convenience and safety are more important than other drivers on the road with you.

Family Stickers Mean You’re Family-oriented

You know all those stick figures of a mom, dad, sister, brother, baby, and pet. Experts agree that these stickers are dangerous because criminals can use them to target you. Your names are on your dashboard. They will also have an idea of the composition of your family, right down to your pet’s name. Still, many still prefer to have those stickers because they want everyone to know they’re part of a loving family.

Political Stickers Mean You Are Outspoken

It takes a lot of courage for car owners to put political stickers on their vehicles. After all, this opens up a can of worms when somebody you know inquires about your political views. What happens if you have opposing views? Do you get into a debate? People who proudly display their political views are outspoken. It means that they are not afraid to stand up for their opinions.

The most important factor to consider when buying a car is its affordability and maintenance. Can you afford its mortgage? Can you maintain it regularly? Always be wise when picking a vehicle. You’ll be stuck with it for a long time, so make sure that you like it and can afford it.

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