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Reap What You Sow: The Best Type of Home Garden for You

Outdoor home improvement projects have been all the rage throughout the duration of the global pandemic. As the unfortunate circumstances forced everyone to remain indoors for extended periods of time, people eventually felt confined within their own homes. They looked to the spaces just beyond their doors as a solution to this problem.

The beginning of a vaccine rollout puts the end of the pandemic in view for most people. However, it’s important to note that the drastic transitions everyone went through will significantly influence the post-pandemic world. The importance of outdoor living spaces is one of those changes that will probably stick around for quite a while.

In Full Bloom

One of the biggest outdoor improvements that took over most of the world at the height of the global pandemic was home gardening. For most people, it simply started as an interesting hobby for them to take up during their free time until it eventually developed into something more meaningful. Understandably so, seeing how gardening can pose many benefits to both the body and the soul.

Your home garden will be heavily influenced by its intended function. If you’re a beginner gardener looking to get into this hobby, you could consult an experienced landscaper to help you start. You could even be a veteran horticulturist by now, after spending a lot of effort on your various plants. Regardless of skill level, these are the top types of gardens you should be growing in your own home.

Tranquility Gardens

As work-from-home arrangements and online schooling become more common, people hope to find an escape that’s not too far away. There has also been an increasing need for this type of garden since the current setups are expected to persist even in the post-pandemic world. Your garden should offer that safe space for some much-needed rest, relaxation, and disconnection.

It can help you break away from all the stress of juggling professional work and family responsibilities happening indoors. You could essentially use this space for your meditation and contemplation needs. Your garden should be able to allow you to pause and refresh from all the daily struggles that life has been throwing at you, especially during these trying times.

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Cheerful Gardens

Home gardening can also be turned into a family-friendly activity¬†that will bring happiness and laughter into your lives. This is easily achievable by filling your garden with plenty of vibrant flowers that are sure to bring out the smiles from your family’s faces. More than this, your outdoor space can also be used for different dynamic activities like kids’ play or hosting gatherings.

Your home garden doesn’t necessarily have to look too formal or curated to be appealing. There’s no need for exotic plants or expensive features for you to have a decent garden. Sometimes, people will be more interested in the comfort that the space provides rather than the aesthetics. It’s all about investing in the feeling of a certain place as opposed to how it looks.

Edible Gardens

Another primary reason that brought many people to home gardening is the increasing need for better food security. At the height of the pandemic, everyone started looking for ways to reduce their visits to the stores and groceries. As a result, seed sales for different varieties of fruits and vegetables jumped unexpectedly.

If you’re the same, you should definitely consider growing similar plants for your garden. Whether you’re planting small herbs or big fruit trees, each edible plant will surely elevate your cooking at home. Not to mention that you can guarantee each dish you’ll be preparing will be healthy since you know what’s going into the soil.

Planting for Positivity

After more than a year into the pandemic, home gardening is still booming. There has been a massive shift in how Americans are viewing their own little patches of greenery. The once static, unused yards and lawns have now turned into secret havens and mini home plantations. Generally, this has also led to more lush and vibrant communities.

While all these gardens are desirable, you don’t necessarily have to be confined to a specific layout for how you want to utilize your greenery. There is plenty of other garden and outdoor designs you could incorporate into your home. Just remember that each type of garden serves a particular purpose.

Even the act of gardening, in itself, has been proven to be an effective coping mechanism for all the stress and anxiety you might be experiencing throughout this crisis. Despite the arrival of the post-pandemic world in the months ahead, home gardening will definitely be here to stay for a little while longer.

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