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Treating Problems in the Bedroom: When You Can’t Get It Up

Most men will experience some challenges in their reproductive health and sexual lives. However, erectile dysfunction (ED) only becomes a concern if it’s already affecting their sexual performance more often than they’d expect.

Men who often have performance issues in the bedroom might hesitate to consult an expert. They often see it as an embarrassment or a blow to their ego. But erectile dysfunction is no longer a taboo that any man needs to hide. Many experts and physicians now understand the complications and causes of ED. Even more, there are also a couple of medications and treatments that people can try. Here are a few commonly asked questions about it to help you better understand it.

Why does ED happen?

The muscles found in a man’s sexual organ relaxes as soon as he gets sexually stimulated. Once that happens, the blood can freely flow through the penile arteries. Thus, filling the two chambers with blood. Then, the organ becomes rigid until climax. It’ll only end as soon as the muscles contract. By then, the blood accumulating in both chambers will flow out via the penile veins. ED happens when not enough blood reaches the arteries and veins.

What causes ED?

Several factors can cause a man to experience erectile dysfunction. A few of these causes in cardiovascular disease and diabetes. High blood pressure and high cholesterol can cause erectile dysfunction, too. Psychological conditions can also cause a man to experience ED. Some of these conditions are depression, stress, and anxiety.

The causes of ED aren’t only limited to psychological and physiological conditions. Particular medications can also cause a man to experience it. Certain drugs to treat depression and high blood pressure can also cause ED. Having one or even several of these conditions can cause ED. That’s why it’s crucial to speak with a professional about it. Doing so will help you understand your health condition’s exact cause.

How do you treat erectile dysfunction?

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Fortunately, there are several ways to treat this type of condition. Aside from gainswave ED treatment, a few oral medications can stimulate proper blood flow to the organ. These include avanafil, sildenafil, and tadalafil. You can also choose alprostadil to treat your condition. Your doctor can administer in two ways. He can either a self-injection at the side or base of the penis or do it via a penile suppository.

Since some medications can cause erectile dysfunction, you must speak with your doctor about it. Doing so will help him understand the root cause of the problem. Never attempt to stop your medication unless your doctor says otherwise.

There are also a couple of psychological factors that can cause erectile dysfunction. If you ever experience it, it will help to talk to a therapist about it.

There are several ways to help prevent erectile dysfunction from occurring. To prevent it from happening, you must take the necessary lifestyle changes to improve your condition. Doing so will not only prevent ED. But it’ll also help boost your health as a whole.

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