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Top 7 Tips for Hosting a Killer Brunch

Any successful brunch is a combination of the right atmosphere, ample food options, and fun activities to keep your guests entertained as they socialize over mimosas. While there’s no one way to host the perfect brunch, following these tips will help you create an event that’s memorable enough to be talked about for weeks or even months afterward!

Hosting brunch at your home doesn’t have to be complicated—all you need to do is plan and prepare ahead of time. Brunch can be one of the most enjoyable and festive meals of the week, but it can also be pretty stressful to prepare. However, by paying attention to the following tips, you can have an elegant and enjoyable brunch.

Invite the Right People

A brunch invites different kinds of guests. While it’s important not to invite so many that you can’t fit everyone around your table, you also don’t want to limit yourself too much. Remember, a brunch is supposed to be social and interactive—not an intimate gathering for two. Make sure you invite at least one person who knows someone else you know; word-of-mouth invitations are great because they keep your network growing. Keep in mind that there’s still a pandemic, so be sure to have safety measures like being fully vaccinated.

Set Up the Atmosphere

The atmosphere at a brunch is perhaps more significant than it is at other types of parties because everyone’s sleepy, and you don’t want anyone to feel too uncomfortable. If you’re living room or dining room isn’t sunny enough, set up a temporary spot in your yard with a white sheet draped over tables and chairs. The contrast between light and dark will make everything seem much brighter. Put some garden lights and tea candles out for added ambiance. Use tablecloths and colorful plates to add a splash of color.

Add flowers for aroma and aesthetics—keep them out of reach from pets and young children. It’s also good practice to leave empty cups out before guests arrive so that people can help themselves without needing to wait on someone else.

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Come Up With the Perfect Menu

Choosing what you’re going to serve your guests should be based on your personal preferences, but there are a few rules of thumb for putting together a solid brunch menu. If you’re serving drinks, stick with something like Bloody Mary’s or mimosas—but don’t forget about options for non-alcoholic guests and kids. If you want food options that please everyone, stick with crowd-pleasers like eggs, bacon, or waffles. You can also search for food trends like avocado toast and unique dishes like scrambled egg tacos. If you want to make an impression, get creative by using specialty ingredients like macerated fruit or infused liquors.

Pick a Theme

Selecting a theme for your brunch will help determine what you serve and the table setting you’ll do. Themed brunches make hosting easier since they simplify choices; they also allow guests to relax and enjoy each other’s company more. When deciding on your theme, just remember that it doesn’t have to be too specific or gaudy. If you have trouble thinking of one, depend on the location!

Clean Up the Place

The best place to have your brunch is in your garden, where you can ensure that it’s a perfect sunny day. It will help you relax and enjoy yourself with your friends and family. You can set up tables outside, or maybe move some plants around to make space for some furniture like velvet couches from your living room. Don’t forget to clean up the place before you do your setup. Lawn maintenance services come in handy if you want to clean your yard without breaking a sweat or make it look welcoming. After, set up matching tables and chairs with decor that match your theme.

Prepare the Perfect Invitations

Nothing sets a brunch apart from any other gathering like an attention-grabbing invitation. Go for a theme, and send something that looks as good on your guests’ walls as it does in their mailboxes. Have people RSVP via email, if possible, so you can get an accurate headcount; that way, you can be sure you have enough space and food on hand.

Be Creative With Your Food Setup

The arrangement of your food is as important as what you’re serving. Check out Pinterest for inspiration to help guide your creativity and get a jump start on different arrangements. Once you come up with an arrangement that catches your eye, try recreating it yourself. Not only will you be armed with unique party ideas—your guests will be impressed by your culinary skills. You can include a main entrée bar and pitchers of cocktails. Add a sandwich station where they can make their own.

The perfect brunch allows your guests to take it at their own pace. From savory treats and Bloody Mary’s to desserts and mimosas, allow your friends to indulge in whatever they’d like, whenever they’d like.

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