These 4 Chefs Show Why Passion Is Essential in the Kitchen

What makes the likes of Masterchef and Britain’s Best Home Cook popular? Sure, a lot like to eat, but more may have a hidden talent in cooking.

For those who have a knack around the kitchen or want to build one, there are many options. They can train professionally by attending a cooking course for the natural chef. This is most appealing to people who like to cater or learn to make healthy dishes.

When they need some push, they can take inspiration from these world-renowned chefs who learned through commitment, passion, and consistency:

  1. Ina Garten

The Barefoot Contessa has already sold hundreds of books and hosts her cooking show. She also has one of the most fabulous loves in the Hamptons. However, before she achieved all these, she had to find her way into the kitchen.

Ina’s educational background and work experience didn’t have anything to do with cooking whatsoever. One of her career highlights was being a budget analyst and writing about nuclear energy for the White House.

But she loved one thing: entertaining guests. Coupled that with her instinct in cooking, she eventually learned to master the art and science.

  1. Christine Ha

Vietnamese Christine Ha was in the middle of a creative writing program at the University of Houston when she developed an illness called neuromyelitis optica. It is an autoimmune condition wherein her immune system attacked and damaged her eyes’ optic nerves.

She gradually lost her vision until she became legally blind. But that didn’t stop her from starting a blog where she shared her recipes. It eventually helped her land an audition in the 2012 Masterchef, which she won.

  1. Julia Child

Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking is perhaps the bible of so many chefs throughout the years, including Ina Garten. But Julia didn’t have any formal training until she enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu when she was already married.

In fact, Child used to work for an intelligence agency during World War II, and it was during this time when her uncanny talent in cooking began to emerge. Her solution now helps prevent sharks from detonating underwater explosives.

She, however, had a deep love for cooking and teaching that she tirelessly translated recipes from French into English. She also taught hundreds of American women and wives how to prepare practical meals using the more modern kitchen tools at that time.

  1. Jamie Oliver


The well-known 44-year-old chef Jamie Olivier previously worked as a pastry chef, which was his first job. He didn’t have any culinary diploma or certificate. Instead, he earned a vocational qualification in home economics and had some training in catering and hospitality. Jamie, though, learned as much as he could in his job until he developed a close relationship with his mentor, who taught him Italian cuisine.

Olivier these days owns many restaurants and continues to publish books. He is also busy teaching the public how to cook using healthy, fresh ingredients.

These people are now some of the best chefs in the world for a reason. They grew their passion for cooking through the years and never rested until they mastered it.

People in the UK now have the chance to achieve the same and even in a shorter amount of time. They can sign up for a cooking course for the natural chef and learn what these masters did for less than a few years.

With the growing demand for healthy meals and professional chefs these days, one’s love for cooking can undoubtedly go a long way.

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