The Top Emerging Trends in Beauty During the Pandemic

There’s nothing the pandemic left unchanged. Now that 2020 is gone and a new year is giving everyone a chance to reset their lives amidst the pandemic, new fashion and beauty trends have emerged to accompany this venture. Eagle-eyed trend watchers wouldn’t at all be surprised at how drastic the transition has been in these industries. With the stay-at-home order in place for many places globally and people losing social opportunities indefinitely, it’s safe to say these new choices in beauty routines, clothes, and accessories are here to stay for the long haul.

And why not? Like how the outbreak reshuffled people’s priorities, it restructured the way people think about beauty and health. A makeup remover has cleansed the canvas, and people’s inner Marie Kondo has decluttered several homes.

2021 is the year to invest in the simplest and probably the most practical industry trends in decades. It’s safe to say these are the choices you’ll want to incorporate into your lifestyle for good.


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say many people washed their hands in 2020 more than they have in the past. With the contagion primarily spreading through contaminated surfaces, people became aggressive hand-washers and sanitizers. This abrupt change in consumer demand for soaps didn’t give much leeway for luxury. The focus was on its ability to cleanse, and people didn’t mind that it didn’t smell rejuvenating or that their hands didn’t grow softer in the process. If there’s anybody who cared, though, it’s brands that saw the opportunity when it presented itself. 2021 can expect more sensory elevating soaps and sanitizers in the market that come in impressive packaging. There was nothing glamorous about these two hygiene items, but now no one can live without them, and everybody will be glad to receive them as gifts.

Minimalist and Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine

Barefaced and confident? The pandemic has stripped people’s routines down to the basics, and when it comes to skin care, it’s mostly been wiped clear of makeup for the most part. The current remote work setup has left concealers and foundations in beauty pouches and has transferred the highlight to products that promote clear, glowing, and youthful skin.

Of course, where there’s a market, there’s a cosmetic procedure. Anti-aging solutions like the PDO facelift thread are gaining popularity for their skin tightening and collagen-producing effects. Maintaining one’s youthful appeal without makeup tricks is now more highly valued in today’s skinimalist society.

Now that the new normal has gained traction, however, the “no-makeup” makeup aesthetic is on the rise again for those back in their offices. This can be attributed partly to the face masks, shields, and other protective gear widely used in public and partly to the bare-faced-beauty that’s the trend. Simply put, less is better, and natural is superior.

applying cream

Plant-based Products

Beauty consumers are becoming eco-conscious, and part of the initiation to this niche is a thorough education on ingredients like witch hazel flowers, ginger, and gotu kola. You’ll see celebrities and influencers promoting their “all-natural” solutions to acne, scars, and other skin problems, and fans are eager to test them. The great thing about this trend is that it’s a sustainable means for the beauty industry to be accountable to society while ensuring the quality of their products.

Ingredient Transparency

More and more consumers are demanding transparency regarding the ingredients of the beauty products they buy. It’s part of the green movement that has piqued people’s interest in sustainable ingredients and practices. This applies not only to the product itself but the packaging and shipping methods of these beauty companies. The cleaner the means, the lesser the carbon footprint, and the healthier the people and the environment are.

Bacteria-Free Hair

What’s another thing people are extremely conscious about nowadays? It’s bacteria on their hair. Now that touching one’s face is a big no-no, people have also become aware of the dangers of touching one’s hair frequently. The bacteria that didn’t make it to your cheek, nose, eyes, and mouth probably made it to your shiny strands, and your hair has become a host to a whole load of micro-hazards. The solution? Antibacterial haircare products. You’ll now see them in the form of cleansing sprays and shampoos on the market.

A Cleaner and More Natural Future

The recent trends lean more on practicality and safety than the common constructs of beauty. Many people see this as a good sign as everyone is more mindful of their health and the many ways everyone can reduce their carbon footprint for a safer and, hopefully, pandemic-free future.

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