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The Great Pandemic Cookoff: Food That Tastes Great Cooked at Home

It doesn’t take a genius to know that the world is in bad shape. The pandemic’s been giving off bad juju, and people don’t want that. What the people want, instead, is cake; yes, literally. When you’re at home and feeling the munchies, you are most definitely going after food.

That’s going to be a huge problem if you’re no cooker. There are different types of people, that’s true; there are those who do, and there are those who bake. Sometimes, the people who do can lay down the most expensive kitchen flooring or create the best home fixtures. The people who bake—well, they’re the ones that the people who do go to when they’re hungry. Some people who do cannot bake, while the people who bake can also do things.

If you’re at home and you’d rather focus on something positive than the dreary news of the pandemic, hey, we’ve got your back. Here are some tips to stock food in your home and what food you can cook.

When Shopping for Food, Shop Safely

There’s a lot that people can do while they’re out and about. They tend to forget about things, leave stress at home, maybe even take in some beautiful scenery—at the grocery store. Some people are just built that way. It’s still good to get out of the house every once in a while, but not during the pandemic.

If you must go out for essentials during this time, embrace it and find something positive—just not your status. Remember to bring along your essentials if you’re going shopping—masks and face shields are a must, even if you’re going out early and there are no people on the road yet. If you have one, don’t forget to bring your hand sanitizer with you.

Baking Your Own Cheesecake

cinnamon cheesecake

If you’re going out, make sure that you’re coming back home with the ingredients for your next food adventure. If you want, you can create your own cheesecake. Aside from there being no-bake varieties of this awesome comfort food, it’s also a must for the cheese and sweets lovers out there. Try even to relax and zone out (in a good and still-alert way) while you’re cooking. Some folks have already come out to say that there’s something meditative about creating their no-bake recipes.

Check Your Pantry for Missing Things

Have you ever wondered why you need to make lists when shopping? Aside from the obvious help it does in making sure you don’t forget what you’re supposed to buy, it’s also to make sure you don’t miss anything you need to buy. During a situation like the pandemic, when lockdowns are only a matter of time, you should have a well-stocked pantry.

Create an inventory of your stocks before you go out. Remember to keep track of those items that have a short shelf life. Stock up on those things that you can keep for a long time on your shelves, so you don’t have to go out whenever.

Have Your Own Roasted, Healthy Party

roasted chicken

If you’re planning to eat this dish, why not go to the market and buy a few greens, some vegetables, and fruits, and stock up on poultry?

There are many healthy recipes involving poultry, salad, and maybe a nice batch of roasted potatoes. You can’t go wrong with Cajun-style chicken or even roasted duck. With more time on your hand, you might even be able to pull off, leaving the bird to roast in the oven for a while longer.

Don’t Overdo Meals

Even if you’ve got a lot of time at home, you should always strive to keep things simple. Keep your home minimalist. Sell off things that you do not need any more. Simmer down on the lunch and dinner preparations, even if you’ve got lots of ideas for new and exciting culinary adventures.

While most people are at home with very little to do, some are at home with work left to be done. For remote workers, simple and quick does the trick—it’s like a mantra, and it works. There might be a little more time to cook meals, sure, but work is always tiring, and there’s always a simple recipe for your favourite lunch or dinner meals.

Don’t be too discouraged by the pandemic. If you look around your home, there’s always something there to keep you occupied and your mind off the situation. Baking and stocking up on food is one thing you can do where you can’t help but be positive about life—but remember not to stock up on fats!

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