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The Clueless Millennial’s Guide to Better Mental Health

Other generations have many opinions when it comes to Generation Y. Gen-Yers, more commonly dubbed as millennials are often judged because they think and act differently. While this is not a bad thing, many misconstrue them because they are not afraid to be different.

Millennials are passionate and work hard for the things they believe in. They are curious, community-oriented, socially responsible, and tech-savvy. But because of all the negative things surrounding them like money issues, stress at work, negative stereotypes, etc., many Gen-Yers suffer from mental stress.

Millennials Are Mentally Stressed Out

The number of Americans being diagnosed with mental illness each year continues to rise. A recent survey states half of millennials left their jobs because of mental health issues. The good news is, Gen-Yers are changing how we perceive mental health. Unlike other generations, they don’t thing speaking about mental health as taboo. But that does not mean all millennials are seeking proper help.

How Millennials Can Better Care for Their Mental Health

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A millennial’s first step in addressing mental health issues is to acknowledge the fact that you are indeed experiencing a mental crisis. Don’t be in denial. Start searching for the main reasons of your mental stress. Only then can you start planning for the best ways to address your issues.

They say financial issues are people’s greatest source of stress. 76% of millennials are financially stressed. The good news is, you can try different things to deal with your money issues. You can start by finding another source of income, seek help from a financial advisor, or consider debt consolidation to pay out your debts.

Stop taking self-care for granted. Remember that you need sleep, a healthy diet, and an active lifestyle to support a healthy mind. Don’t deprive yourself of doing the things that make you happy and helps make your look good and feel good. Go out with friends, try a different haircut from your favorite hair salon, or go on an adventure whenever you can.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Avoid trying to do everything on your own. Your perfectionist tendencies, do-it-on-your-own attitude, and extremely high expectations won’t do you any good. Instead, accept the fact that some things are out of your control. Stop comparing yourself with others and instead, start improving yourself so you can reach your life goals.

Also, don’t be afraid to seek help from your loved ones. Strong social support will help you go through such a challenging time. Start opening up and nurture your relationship with others. You will be surprised by the number of people who deeply love and care for you. You can do this personally or reach out using the different technologies available these days.

Lastly, don’t be ashamed to seek help from the pros. According to a report, there is a 47% increase in millennial depression. The sad thing is that one out of five is not looking for treatment. If you want to improve your quality of life, don’t hesitate to find a qualified professional to help you in your fight.

Mental stress is a grim reality that many millennials and other generations have to face each day. The good news is, you are not alone and that there are ways to deal with this. All it takes is your willingness to admit and deal with the issue before it starts affecting your life negatively.

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