The Best Hairstyles for Every Face Shape

Change is good sometimes. It encourages variety and breaks the monotony of things. It makes our lives a little more exciting and makes us brave to try new things. Change can be as simple as switching from one shampoo brand to another or as drastic as cutting your long hair to sport a pixie cut.

Speaking of haircuts, it might not be easy to choose a hairstyle that will suit you. Some people would prefer to stay on the safe side and sport that same hair cut for years. Meanwhile, some are bold enough to try a new haircut. To ensure quality haircuts, you should only trust hair salons that use quality hair shears and other products for their clients.

How to determine your face shape

Before deciding a haircut, you should know what your face shape is. Here are the different types of face shapes and their distinct features:

  • Rectangle – jawline, cheekbones, and forehead are of equal size, the jawline is cornered instead or rounded
  • Diamond – pointed chin, small jawline, and wide cheekbones and forehead
  • Square – prominent jawline, seems to have “corners” than rounded
  • Round – jawline is softer, face and cheekbone measurement are equal
  • Triangular – larger jawline and cheekbones, a smaller forehead
  • Heart – prominent forehead, pointed chin, cheekbones and jawline have equal measurement
  • Oval – similar to rectangular-shaped faces, only that the jawline is rounded instead of cornered

Best hairstyles for every face shape

By now, you already have an idea of what your face shape is. The next step is choosing a hairstyle that will complement your face shape. Here are some pointers:

1. Rectangle

Choose hairstyles that will soften your facial features. You can opt for soft chignons and fringes instead of blunt hair cuts.

2. Diamond

You can have your hair cut with medium or long layers with waves. To show off your prominent cheekbones, try tying your hair in a ponytail like Ariana Grande.

3. Square

Because square-shaped faces usually have prominent jawlines and cheekbones, you need a hairstyle that softens your facial features. You can opt for a side-parted hairstyle or a layered hairstyle.


4. Round

Try pixie cuts or layered cuts that start along the jawline. You can add a side fringe to elongate your face.

5. Triangular

If you have a short hair, you should opt for a choppy pixie hair cut and side-swept wispy bangs instead of full-on bangs.

6. Heart

Since this face shape features broad cheekbones, you should sport a hairstyle that elongates your face a little bit. Experts recommend having a long side-swept hairstyle to lessen the focus on your forehead.

7. Oval

Those with oval-shaped faces are considered lucky because they can sport any hairstyle that they like. But if you want to stand out, you can opt for a bob cut. If you have long hair, try styling it with curls or waves.

With the given information, you can choose a hairstyle according to your face shape. Choose one that will make you more comfortable. However, it is also a good idea to sport a new hairstyle from time to time.

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