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Starting a Band: The Essentials

If you have a talent for singing or playing musical instruments, you’re sure to have thought of starting a band with your friends.

It sounds promising to make a living while having fun jamming it out. However, there’s also the logistics to think about, such as upgrading your gear, event venue and equipment rentals, or joining big music event in Utah or any other place in the world.

Here are some things to keep in mind when starting a band:

Your Bandmates

There are many ways to find members for your band. You can find members on your own, or join another existing band. Make sure your bandmates are people you can get along with, or at least don’t constantly disagree with.

There is no better way to find out if your band meshes together than playing together. Don’t forget to also pay attention to their working habits, and their level of commitment to the band. These are people you’ll be working with for a long time, and grinning and bearing the nuisances just won’t cut it.

There is also the band composition to consider. The normal setup for a starting band is a drummer, a guitarist, a bassist, and a singer, although that isn’t set in stone. What’s important is to have the sounds you think you need for your band.

Your ‘Sound’

Fledgeling bands might have a hard time saying what sound they’re going for. However, that’s no reason to get deterred. What matters is understanding what you feel and channeling it through your music, whether it’s inspired by the artists you like or something that happens organically.

This is important because the audience will notice if your music has inspiration or something aimless. There’s no need to pressure or rush yourself to find it though, as it is something that happens over time.

Your Band Name

It’s a given that you’d need one if you intend to play at shows and be known. You don’t have to think about it yourself though. If it helps, try meeting up with your bandmates and brainstorm a name together. Make sure to write all the suggestions down, no matter how ridiculous they sound to you at the moment.

There’s sure to be a couple of good ones when you get back to it another day. For inspiration, try looking at your music libraries. Keep your name uncommon, so it will be distinguishable when looking it up on the internet. If you’ve picked a few good ones, don’t forget to look them up to see if it’s trademarked.

Your Band Image

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This is also something you can talk about with your bandmates, and may need another brainstorming session. Your band’s image is the logo if you decide to have one, and your ‘look’ when performing at shows. Besides a name, your image is something to distinguish your band from the many bands out there.

Make sure your image is cohesive with your band name and your theme. Apart from being distinct, having an image also serves the purpose of marketability and opens the avenue for the merchandise once your band is able to take off.

It seems like there’s a lot to do to establish your band in the music scene, but hopefully, these tips help aspiring musicians get off on the right foot. What matters most, however, is making sure you’re having fun with what you’re doing and remembering what motivates you.

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