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Six Interesting Facts About Dogs That Will Surprise You

Have you ever wondered how your canine buddy finds his way around a dark room? Or, why he sticks his tongue out whenever it’s hot? Well, wonder no more because here are some of the most amazing facts about dogs that will surely interest you.

1. Dogs’ noses are wet to absorb smells better

A lot of dog owners may have wondered why their canine buddy’s nose is always wet. It’s because the mucus that dogs excrete on their noses help them absorb any scent they encounter. What’s more is that when the scent sticks to the mucus, they can lick it to get a better grasp of the smell.

2. Dogs are as smart as two-year-old kids

Just like toddlers, dogs are capable of understanding certain words and gestures you make. So, the next time you wonder if your dog understands when you tell him to keep off the couch, know that he does. You just might need to say it in a clearer way so that he’ll understand better.

3. Dogs’ whiskers help them see in the dark

Aside from their eyes being more capable of seeing in the dark compared to humans, canines also have their whiskers to help them navigate. Their whiskers are very sensitive to any changes in the atmosphere. It’s why even when a room is in total darkness, they can sense if they’re about to bump into a wall.

4. Dogs can smell your emotions

Dogs’ noses are so sensitive that they can smell small changes in a person’s body chemistry. When you feel depressed, your body excretes a certain scent that your dog can pick up, which is why canines are the perfect service dog for people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

They can sense right away if their owner is having an anxiety attack because of the change in body chemistry. Some dog training facilities in Utah specialize in teaching canines to sense if their owner is about to experience an anxiety attack. Dogs are trained to help their owner calm down by licking their hands, for example.

5. Dogs’ sweat glands are only in their paws

Dogs’ sweat glands are found in between their paw pads, so when it’s hot outside, they pant heavily to cool their bodies. If your best bud is feeling hot, you can use this knowledge into good use and dip their paws into cool waters.

6. Dogs are good for lowering your blood pressure

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Dogs really are a man’s best friend. Aside from saving you from any danger, your best bud can actually help lower your blood pressure. You only need to pet your dog constantly, and you’ll live a healthier and longer life.

Dogs are amazing creatures. Not only are they the most loyal pets you can have, but they also have abilities that are so amazing you might think that they should be leading the way instead of humans. So, if you have a pet dog at home, make sure he’s well taken care of and loved.

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