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Self-Esteem Makeover: Become the One for Yourself

In the dating game, you have to know your self-worth to be able to recognize when you have met someone worthy of your time and effort. Having a healthy sense of self-esteem can help you avoid wasting your time on incompatible people and weed them out. It is normal for self-esteem to waver and it can be so gradual that you may not have noticed that your self-view has become too critical.

Focus on yourself for a while to build up healthy self-esteem and reconnect with what you want and what you are willing to do to achieve your goals. Matching your outside to your inside can also be an effective way to build your confidence. Find a gym with supportive trainers or make an appointment at a reputable aesthetic clinic so that you can work on your physical appearance at the same time as you’re improving your mental well-being.

Combat Negative Self-Talk

If your self-esteem has backslid then you may not even realize that you have developed a bad habit of negative self-talk. This is when you keep scolding yourself constantly and putting yourself down. It can be persistent and you may fall into a spiral of negative thinking about yourself without even realizing it.

Try to be as objective as possible and analyze the kind of thoughts you have about yourself. Do you call yourself names when you make everyday mistakes? Do you blame your clumsiness for unavoidable household accidents? Do you denigrate your intelligence if you forget something in the course of daily living?

These are all common things that are a part of everyday life, but if you are putting unrealistic expectations to be perfect in everything you do then you have developed an unhealthy self-dialogue.

The way we think is habit-forming, and we may mistakenly be attracted to other negative people. Two negative people will simply reinforce each other’s bad habits. Improve your self-talk so you can recognize people who are positive and motivated. This is the type of person who will grow and improve with you and you can help each other keep on a positive track.

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Live and Let Live

You must learn to stop comparing yourself to other people. This is a pervasive habit that our society has developed and one which we must each change as individuals.

There is no benefit to comparing yourself to your friends, celebrities, or social media influencers. Everyone’s path is different, and every challenge that greets us also depends on a large degree of luck for the outcome.

By focusing your mental energies on the lives of others, you are draining your energy on them when you could be using it to build your profile. Mental stress also manifests as physical lethargy and this can end up throwing you off your self-care and fitness routines.

Re-focus your energies on yourself. You are a unique and interesting person with a lot to offer. But if you’re too distracted by someone else, you will not be able to showcase this well. You may miss out on a suitable romantic prospect simply because you were too busy looking at who someone else is dating.

Body Language Speaks Volumes

Whatever you feel inside your mind will reflect on you physically. But did you know that your physical appearance and body language can also affect your mind? This is why it is necessary to develop a self-care routine that helps you appreciate your aesthetic.

It is not enough to tell yourself that you are worthy, you must act like it as well. Your body needs just as much convincing as your mind. The way you present yourself, your posture, your gestures, and eye contact all communicate a clear message to other people and your self-esteem about how you view yourself.

Working on developing positive body language can be done concurrently with combating negative self-talk and will bolster the positive effects of both. If you find yourself thinking something unflattering about yourself then straighten your spine, pull back your shoulders, and assume a confident stance. This will program your mind to cut off the unflattering thought and adjust to thoughts that suit what your body is projecting.

Your body language will communicate to other people what you are and are not willing to tolerate. Unsuitable suitors will be repelled by your confident appearance. You will find that the people who approach you are the kind of people who appreciate what you have to offer and are supportive of your growth and continuous self-improvement.

Focus on yourself and learn how to treat yourself the right way. This will be a major factor in helping you to recognize when someone comes along who will treat you as you know you deserve to be treated. It is a simple concept, value yourself and others will value you as well.

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