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Start Slow: Returning to a Healthy Routine

Whether you want to get back into shape or regain your stamina, returning to an exercise routine takes time. However badly you want to be back in your ‘thin’ clothes and speeding away on the exercise bike, respecting your body’s new limits is paramount. Going forward slowly and deliberately will get you back to the strength and weight you prefer in a much better mental and physical state than pushing yourself too hard. Trying to do too much at once could cause you serious injury, and the resulting slow down to rest and recovery could take a toll on your mental health.

The easiest way to get back in shape would be to have the pool cleaned, install a pH control system,  and get back into swimming regularly. Swimming is a great sport to improve stamina, teach breath control, and work out muscles without much strain. Some people prefer jogging because it is meditative, while others enjoy long hikes as it combines exercise with the beauty of nature.

Whatever you decide to do, remember that good health comes from a combination of factors. Keeping your unhealthy diet will not allow you to fully reap the benefits of your exercise routines. Similarly, eating better will not get you the toning and stamina you desire without some exercise.


Carry a water bottle around to ensure that you drink enough water. Being parched will cause you to get tired faster and will not allow you to continue your exercises for as long as you want. Drinking enough water also prevents you from getting dehydrated due to excessive sweating, clears up your skin, and helps your muscles and joints to work better.

Avoid Drinking Your Calories

People tend to eat healthy food but then reward themselves with sugary drinks and sodas. This can end up undoing all the benefits you gain from healthy meals. Sugary drinks have been linked to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Phase out sugary beverages and try replacing them with fruit-flavored water and sugar-free tea.

Spread Out Your Workout

Spread out your exercises to be done in chunks for a few minutes throughout the day rather than all at once. This will help you feel less overwhelmed and increase the chances you will do the exercises more. Assign an exercise for a set amount of time for the morning, noon, and night. Try not to exercise too close to your bedtime, which can lead to a disruption in your sleep pattern.

Exercise in a Group

People are more likely to carry through with exercise when they feel accountable to another person. Join a Pilates class or an outdoor yoga class so that you feel the need to attend. If you are apprehensive about joining large groups, then hiring a personal trainer can have the same effect.

Many personal trainers are offering highly competitive rates at this time. Make sure that the trainer is a good fit for your temperament before hiring them. You are more likely to focus and work hard on your well-being with someone you feel cares about your health as much as you do.

Keep Your Coffee

You do not need to give up your coffee to achieve your fitness goals. Coffee is high in antioxidants, reduces the risk of stroke and diabetes, and helps you focus and be alert. It even counts towards your daily hydration intake.

The problem is when you add artificial creamers and sugar to your coffee. This can seriously diminish the positive benefits of the beverage. It can be hard to give up your whipped cream frappuccinos, so focus on the fact that they could be shortening your lifespan. Try drinking your coffee black to gain the benefits and experiment with different cruelty-free beans and powders till you find what works for you.

Prepare for Meals

It is not advisable to go from being sedentary to eating a meal. Try to go for a short walk and drink a glass of water before you eat your meals. Even doing this for one meal a day can have excellent benefits. It helps your appetite, improves your metabolism, and allows you to eat only as much as you need.

Clean the House More Often

Vigorous housework can count towards your exercise hours as it calls on you to do many activities which stretch out your body. You get the added benefit of having a clean house with completed chores which will only add to your positive mental health state.

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Count Your Steps

This is a good way to slowly begin incorporating more movement into your life. Use a pedometer or even your smartphone to count the number of steps you take in a day. Start a small weekly competition in your neighborhood or with your family members so that you have the motivation to raise your step count.

Getting into a healthy routine is all about starting with the right intentions. When you understand why you want to be healthier, it is easier to do what needs to be done. Having a vague idea that you need to lose weight is not enough motivation to keep you going till you form the right habits.

Reward yourself for meeting your short-term fitness goals. This takes the feeling of work out of it, and you can begin to enjoy the movement and sensations of returning strength and stamina. The human body enjoys being healthy and agile, so keep at it, and you will soon regain the confidence and enjoyment of regular exercise.

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