Protecting the Chicks: Protecting Your Family’s Health This Pandemic

There’s a lot that’s been said about the pandemic. It has been a roller-coaster ride for sure; people have tried to adjust by moving work from the office to the home. They used to travel a lot during their free time, most of which is now spent at home.

Like every con, there are pros to this new situation that we’ve found ourselves in. You might have been surprised with all the time that you’ve found all of a sudden. You may have also become closer to your family, to the point that you can now schedule which medication family members need to take or what games your children or any child that lives in your home truly likes.

The wait until the pandemic is over is a long one. Some people may not have the patience to endure that before going out, but you’d be surprised that there are many things to keep you occupied at home. One of these—and perhaps, the most important—is to keep your family healthy and safe.

Keeping the Reminders Coming

That there are still COVID-19 regulations that must be strictly followed cannot be stressed enough. The pandemic is still around, and if you think you’re already in the clear when you get vaccinated, you’re mistaken.

Wearing masks and keeping your distance from other people should still be strictly enforced. This doesn’t mean only you should do it; your whole family should practice this too, from the head to the youngest member. If not, you run the risk of bringing the virus to your family if you somehow neglect your safety measures. A visit to a doctor specializing in family medicine would become necessary.

There are social messages and other guidelines still being explained by the CDC. You should practice knowing what these are and keep yourself well-informed of the latest events in the fight against COVID-19.

On Masks and Facial Covering

If you’re going out, you should still keep doing social distancing, as well as wearing face masks. If you don’t have access to medical ones, you can make them from household items. It’s low-cost, and you also don’t have to go anywhere to buy them.

It’s not enough to keep covering your face to prevent infection. You should also keep practicing social distancing, maintaining at least six (6) feet distance from other people. This is especially helpful in public places that are cramped, such as public transportation or in the mall.

If you can’t bring any face masks with you, anything that would fit snugly and cover the mouth and nose should suffice.

Creating Plans Before Going Out

mother putting face mask on her kid

Once you’ve got what you need to bring outside with you, you have to map out where you’re going and what you need to do.

You can plan paths that your family will take in case they need to go out. Planning this helps them avoid any risky roads which may be full of people. Aside from this, you can also list different organizations that can aid you if you or your family is affected by the virus. This can be anyone from the local public health department to carpool drivers and neighbors.

Try to Get Plenty of Rest

The disruption experienced by people during the widespread coronavirus outbreak is something else. Some students are having quite a hard time adjusting to the unconventional remote learning situation. As much as they’re struggling, you may also be finding it hard to concentrate on work, especially when it’s done from home.

You should make all the adjustments and take all the stops to make sure you’re getting enough rest. Enjoy a little more sleep or take an early breakfast so you can sit around with the family longer—to each their own. There are different ways of coping with the situation, so find yours.

Making the Most Out of the Situation

As much as people are adjusting, you can also do many things with what you are given. The extra time could be used to create some moments with your family.

As to what these moments are, they can range from the complicated to the simple. You can arrange dinner with your children to teach them the right way of doing it. You could also do modules together with your child if they’re having a hard time. Make the most out of the free time you’ve got.

The pandemic may let you think that there’s no solution, but on the contrary, there are lots of remedies to this situation. It only requires a little sacrifice on our part and the willpower to keep our family—and everyone else around us—safe.

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