Overcoming the Fear of Being Rejected in Dating

At least once in a man’s life, they’re bound to get rejected by a romantic partner. Whether you’re asking your crush out in high school or getting turned down while asking your partner their hand in marriage, rejection isn’t pleasant.

Let’s face it: nobody wants to be rejected. For some people, a simple ‘no’ can have some disastrous results. However, other people can also take ‘no’ for an answer and see this as a way of adjusting and improving themselves. The fear of rejection can get so silly that people will shut themselves out from the world from the fear of rejection or popping someone’s inflated ego.

Throughout most of our lives, rejection will always be a permanent part of it. If a dismissal is constant in our lives as humans, then we shouldn’t cry over spilled milk. Instead, it would be more rational to address underlying personal issues to better ourselves. As humans, we are known for being able to adapt to any known situation and environment. So, even if we do face rejection or any obstacle in our lives, we’ll find a solution to overcome the hurdle.

Why Can’t Some Men Take Rejection Well?

But before we can find any solutions on how men should start handling rejection, we have to look into the underlying roots of rejection. No worries, we’re not going to go into any psychological overcomplexities regarding refusal.

The fear of rejection is deeply rooted in the psyche of most men. Most experts would claim that the fear stems from a belief that manifested during childhood that rejection means that you are not enough to your romantic partner. But some would also suggest societal norms being taught at a very young age as a primary catalyst for the personal belief that rejection is unacceptable.

While others can shrug off the feeling of rejection, this can also significantly impact the daily lives of people. For others, becoming “heartbroken” can be a distraction at the workplace.

But you won’t have to worry too much about rejection; we’re here to hold your hand through the process of overcoming your rejection by giving you essential pointers that you can use.

Dealing with Rejection

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There are different ways of handling rejection, but most of these ways of handling rejection boil down to your awareness of what’s happening. Thus, it’s only appropriate to take these steps with an open mind.

Find Yourself a Hobby

First and foremost, distracting yourself by giving yourself something to be passionate about can help you take your mind off the person you’re planning to date.

Having a pet is known for helping cope with heartbreak and depression. Spending time with your pet can help ensure that you’re busy. While you’re at it, you might want to board and train your dog. Having an active and helpful companion can help your mood.

Empower Yourself

When you’re asking someone out, it does take a bit of emotional vulnerability. But at the same time, if you don’t ask someone out, it takes the same amount of energy to avoid the possibility of being rejected by your romantic interest. If this is the case, you are letting the other person have more power by showing them that their perception of you matters more than your understanding of yourself.

Any person with the right amount of self-esteem will know that they should not base their worries on what others think since it will not affect their worth.

Make Your Life Easier

It might be true that most relationships that we have in life will bring us anxiety, and not just from our partners. Most of the time, rejection from someone close to us can be an overwhelming feeling. By seeking out long-term goals and aspirations, it will be easier to concentrate on what you want.

Additionally, it’s essential not to take things personally. Burning your bridges with other individuals in your life can be a detriment to your growth.

Seek Professional Help

If you need help from emotional distress, it might be wise to consider getting professional guidance regarding your situation. A therapist will be able to help cope with rejection.

Rejection can morph into shame, guilt, and low self-esteem if it is not addressed.

It’s better to focus on things that you can change rather than dwelling on matters that you can’t change. Sure, being rejected might not be the most pleasant feeling, but can you imagine being in a relationship with someone that would be in a relationship with you out of pity?

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