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The new year is fast approaching and, once again, you have the chance to make lasting positive changes in your life. Every year, billions of people set a goal that they want to achieve in the next 12 months but, most of the time, they end up abandoning it. Their resolutions begin in January and end a couple of weeks later.

The patience to stick with and keep doing a positive action so it becomes a good habit is key to successfully making a resolution come true. However, it can be challenging.

So, to turn your New Year’s Resolution a reality, here are a few psychological tricks that can help you establish healthy and new routines.

Make a Commitment

Continuing studies, whether through formal education or on your own whenever you have the free time, is one of the most rewarding things that you can have in life. Not only does it teach you something new which will enrich your life and give you a competitive edge at work, but it will also sharpen your intellect.

Learning something new as an adult is far easier nowadays with tons of apps and online resources available to you. But, to stick with it and actually gain mastery of a subject, the best thing to do is to enroll in short term courses or classes over the internet. For example, committing to SSG supported courses by reputable institutes can help you with increasing your skill capacity while being mentored by a capable professional. Having another person, or a group of people, as well as a schedule will keep you inline and prevent you from procrastinating. Learning with other people and interacting with them can give you the motivation to keep going no matter what.

One Step at a Time

Most people fail because they try to adopt several good habits at a time. If you have resolved to lose weight or reduce the amount of time you spend on social media, should you go cold turkey and replace your old routine with a bunch of activities that you have never done before. You would find yourself getting tired of your resolution and then going back to your old habits.

The right way to approach resolutions is to start small and change one behavior at a time.

You should start small because your goal is not to see immediate results. You can exercise vigorously every day for a week and watch the needle in the scale go down, but you may hit a plateau which will demotivate you to continue working out. What you should be aiming for is to make physical activity a habit. Starting small makes adopting a new habit more bearable and more realistic.

Meanwhile, changing one behavior at a time prevents you from becoming overwhelmed. Your routines feel comfortable because you know what to expect. If you change it too much, you might end up feeling lost. It is just not sustainable in the long run. Change one thing at a time so that, by 2022, you will have an entirely new and healthy routine.

Treat Yourself

dining out

People approach resolutions with deprivation. Losing weight, for example, entails calorie restrictions and limiting one’s self on what they can eat. It might work for a bit but, eventually, the craving for a pizza or a doughnut is going to be so strong that they would not be able to resist the temptation.

Depriving yourself of things you desire would only make you want it more. Losing weight, therefore, does not mean you are no longer allowed to eat a cheeseburger with fries on the side. Instead of deprivation, you should instead start doing physical activities that you enjoy and find healthy recipes of food that tastes good for you. Every once in a while, let yourself order and consume your favorite unhealthy food, too, or spend one weekend on the couch while watching television.

The key to achieving your goal without depriving yourself is moderation.

New Year’s Resolutions are cliched and most people will say that it does not work. However, it can be a good thing if people learn how to stick with it and make lasting positive changes.

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