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I Want to Look My Best

Many people have a lot of issues with their appearance and they want to find a remedy to these problems. People are usually unsure about how to achieve this so they just through life feeling unhappy about the way they look. For these people, there is good news, they can find the treatments that they need to enhance their appearance. This could be anything linked with facial aesthetics, but for those patients who are looking to enhance their lips, they are in the right place when they go to a dental practice offering lip fillers. Patients who decide to have this treatment are in the best possible hands to have their procedure and get to a place where they feel comfortable with their appearance once more. This is because dentists have an intimate knowledge of facial anatomy and can apply this treatment in a thoroughly effective way.

I want it to be safe

Patients who are looking to get lip fillers can do so in a safe manner. This treatment plumps up the skin to make it look more youthful, with a healthy glow. Patients can be assured that their technician will follow a well-defined procedure to ensure that they are taken care of in a safe and secure way. Firstly the patients are administered with local anaesthetic and then the dermal fillers are applied. The effects of treatment can last around 6 months for lips. This filler treatment is very popular which is a testament to the results it delivers, as well as how safe it is to use. The fillers can help increase the volume of the lips, enhancing their contours and resulting in better definition. This treatment can also improve lip asymmetry. Patients should read on to discover how painless this procedure can be.

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I want it to be painless

The local anaesthetic is used to prevent patients from feeling any discomfort during the procedure. This treatment is non surgical and allows patients to achieve a smoothed out more youthful appearance. Patients often come back for follow-up treatments that will help to maintain the plumped up look that they have achieved. The painless nature of this treatment allows patients to keep coming back for the help that they require. To go the extra mile, patients can also be applied with a numbing cream before the procedure which will further minimise the pain that they may experience. Patients who are looking to have the treatment of lip fillers should not let a fear of pain stop them from going after the treatment they require, every effort will be made to ensure they feel little to no pain. Patients should read on to see how quickly this procedure acts.

I want it to be quick

The application of the dermal filler only takes a few minutes and the effects of the treatment are immediately visible. Patients can go to a practice, have their procedure and not have it affect the rest of their day. Following the procedure, it advised that patients should avoid exposing the lips to extreme heat, this includes sunbathing and steam rooms. Patients are also advised to avoid rubbing or massaging the lips. Facial skin treatments such as microdermabrasion, derma roller and facials should also be avoided, alongside alcohol, for 24 hours.

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