How to Keep Your Scalp Micropigmentation Maintained

A lot of men with balding problems are now looking to undergo scalp micropigmentation to help with their problem. This is a permanent solution, which is why more people are getting on the bandwagon to see if it will finally help them with their concerning issue.

SMP is definitely not cheap, which is why it would be best to keep it properly maintained. Whether you are planning on having SMP done or are undergoing scalp pigmentation training, then you should take note of these things so you can apply it to yourself or discuss it with your clients after performing the procedure on them.

Use Hair Care Products

Most men tend to forego the use of shampoo and conditioner just because they have turned bald. This should definitely not be the case, as your scalp still produces oil and sebum even if you do not have any hair left. This can keep on building up on your scalp, which could then affect the look of the pigments on your scalp. Continue to use your usual shampoo and conditioner to keep your head and scalp clean and free from oil, dirt, and sebum buildup.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

Shampooing can dry your head, which is why it is important to keep your scalp moisturized all the time, especially if you have just had scalp micropigmentation done. Dry skin will make the pigments dry out quickly, making it look dull and unattractive. Make sure to drink lots of water and use a moisturizer that is right for your scalp and skin. Apply it right after taking a bath and slather it on your scalp properly. Make sure to evenly distribute the moisturizer so your scalp will absorb most of it.

Stay Away from the Sun

The pigments on your head can easily fade away if you are constantly under the heat of the sun. If you need to go outside, make sure to slather a good amount of sunscreen to your scalp. Additionally, you would want to wear protective clothing or gear such as a cap whenever you are out for a long time. Sunburn can also be annoying and painful, and you would want to avoid it at all costs.

Get a Retouch

Scalp micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentationAlthough SMP is permanent, the pigments can eventually fade due to natural causes. If you have noticed that the pigments on your scalp are fading, then schedule a retouch to keep it looking fresh. Retouching should be done in two to three years. If you take good care of your scalp, then you can go for as long as four years without needing a retouch. Make sure to contact your previous clinic, as they might give you a discount when it comes to the retouching.

Like with any other procedure, you have to make sure that you will take good care of your scalp afterwards. Always listen to the technician and ask whatever questions that you have in mind so you know how to take care of your head's new look.

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