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How to Cope with Empty Nest Loneliness

Parenting is an endeavor not everyone goes through. However, for those who do go on this journey, you may find it to be one of the most difficult — but fulfilling — challenges you will ever have to face in your lifetime.

This is understandable, given the fact that it plays a critical role not only in your personal development but also in the progression of future generations.

Raising your children

There is a lot at stake when you become a parent. Furthermore, there are so many elements to fret over when raising kids, from their health and growth to what kind of parenting style you wish to use to help in their development.

As demanding as this task may be, many find it to be extremely gratifying. Every positive thing your children do or create is momentary relief from the stressors of the job, but seeing them grow up and succeed at whatever they choose to pursue is an honor in itself.

Letting go of your children

When this time comes, and it will surely arrive, you as parents have to watch your children spread their wings and fly, as cliché as the analogy may be. All the time spent caring and teaching them prepared them for the inevitability of flight. And once this occurs, you will be left with an empty nest — an inescapable aspect of being a parent.

As troubling as empty nest syndrome, parents need to acknowledge how much it hurts. After all, it is not easy letting go of kids after raising them for so many years. However, despite how difficult the loneliness and sensation of longing this syndrome brings to parents, it is not impossible to cope with and even combat it.

Dealing with empty nest syndrome

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One way of doing so is recognizing the many roles you play in other people’s lives, and at the same time, reconnecting with yourself. You were not always a parent. Before your children were born, you were a spouse, a daughter or son, and even a friend. Take the opportunity to make those bonds stronger now that your hands are not full.

Another means of dealing with empty nest syndrome is treating yourselves to things you had to compromise as a parent. In parenting, the needs of your children come first. Now that they are making a life for themselves, you can go on a vacation by yourself, with your spouse, or your friends.

You can even do some renovations to your home to achieve the look you wanted but have never gotten while raising kids. Have you ever wanted your Salt Lake City home to have a custom kitchen remodel but felt that it was too extravagant for a house with kids? Or, maybe an entertainment den but there wasn’t enough room?

Seize the opportunities and take the time to treat yourself to things now that your time and finances are solely yours.

Empty nest syndrome is a life transition that takes some adjustments. In these trying times, it is beneficial to remember to be kind to yourself. Let yourself realize the feeling of pain and loss, and give in to the little wants you never allowed yourself when you were still raising your children.

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