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Four Ways Your Body Tells You to Slow Down

Everyone is living in a generation where being busy is glorified and deadlines are worshipped. It can even feel like that not having free time is a badge of honor. However, this is not a healthy mindset. This can damage your health in ways more than one. With this in mind, you need to run counter to the trends and reclaim your life.

The reality is, not everything is worth being busy for. You can always find time for yourself, especially if you have straightened out your priorities. For now, you need to recognize if you’re overexerting yourself. Thankfully, your body might be sending some signals.

Below are some of the obvious signs that you need to watch out for:

You cannot sleep

You feel tired all the time, yet you find it hard to drift into sleep. This is the result of your perpetual all-nighters. Your body has become used to resting late that you find it challenging to close your eyes and sleep at the right time. It can also be because your thoughts are out of control and you have anxiety about tomorrow. Make your bedroom an environment that is conducive to sleeping. Adjust your schedules at work. If these don’t still work, you need to consult a specialist.

You feel stuck in a rut

The work you have right now might be preoccupying you, and you have strongly associated yourself with it. But when you reach the point where you have become more than tired at doing it, you feel guilty and then you start to lose a sense of purpose. However, remind yourself that your work does not always define your life. There’s more to it than pressing your keyboard. Explore the world outside. Attend a dance class. Learn how to bake. Find a new passion. This should help you get out of your rut.

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You get sick more often

Overworking means you’re using your body more than it can handle. When that happens, your body does not get the time it needs to recover and repair itself. As such, you will likely develop illnesses and injuries. Your immune system is basically compromised. To avoid getting sick, stick to healthy habits, which should include good food and regular exercise. Draw a line between work and your social life to avoid getting incredible amounts of stress.

You’re overeating

Your body copes with stress in many different ways. And eating is one of them. When you overeat, there’s a great chance that you’ve been dealing with a lot of toxic situations. Keep in mind that this has side effects, such as weight gain. And if you fail to curb it, you can develop certain conditions, such as obesity and even diabetes.

Start seeking professional help

It’s always okay to be dedicated at work. However, you should know when to stop. When work and life overlap, you feel an immense amount of stress, and it will persist if you don’t do something to compartmentalize your priorities. When things seem impossible to deal with, turn to your social support. Don’t forget to seek professional help.

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