Food and Dining: 5 Trends That Will Dominate in 2022

As the sun is about to set in 2021, a few subjects usually come to mind as we welcome the new year: resolutions, hangover avoidance, hopes for better months ahead, and, of course, the recent food trends.

We all live in a post-pandemic world and as a result, predicting how people will eat and drink in 2022 isn’t as straightforward as it once was. Restaurateurs and chefs express their opinions on what will catch on and disappear in this post-COVID-19 era.

Chefs, restaurant owners, registered dietitians, culinary school instructors, grocery product managers, and bartenders set the stage for the food we line up for (masks on and at a distance, please), follow on social media, and cook for our families at home. Who is better to tap for projected dining trends than some of our country’s top tastemakers?

So what’s new for 2022? A lot—and, as with so much in life these days, it’ll look quite different from any pre-pandemic projections.

Here are some food trends that are going to rule 2022:

Rise of Home Cooking

According to a new poll by Hunter, people in the United States continue to cook more, with 71 percent indicating they will do so when the pandemic is over.

This high growth is driven by the confidence and creativity of home chefs when they are in the kitchen. Moreover, the motivation that cooking at home saves money (67 percent), allows them to eat better (56 percent), and makes them feel good, are all driving this practice.

Now that you are spending more time in the kitchen, making this place more convenient for you is crucial. Get your kitchen remodeled! Don’t worry if you are tight on budget; just get your cabinets and countertops replaced. It would help if you contacted a cabinet maker and get the best quotation according to your budget.

More Plant-based Food

Many causes encourage people to embrace a plant-based diet, whether it’s for the animals, the environment, or the health advantages. The vegan trend continues to spread, and we can anticipate the sector to release new and creative plant-based goods in 2022.

Various restaurants are offering a 100% plant-based meal-kit delivery service. Beyond beef, there have been advancements in cell agriculture and plant-based proteins. Faux crab, pork, and tuna are all on the market. On the other hand, vegan food experts feel that vegetables should take center stage on the dish.

Food That Boosts Immunity


Food with immune-boosting claims is cropping up all over the place, which is unsurprising. Even long-established goods are changing their labels to highlight possible immune-boosting components or minerals like vitamins, protein, others.

Consumers choose food that is naturally rich in these components and has not been altered. For instance, whey protein includes all nine necessary amino acids, which helps the immune system operate more effectively. Therefore, utilizing the benefits of whey protein in formulations will increase flavor, nutrition, and functionality.

The Growth of Grain-based Milk

Grains will be the source of the next growth surge for plant-based milk. Oat milk has already paved the way for grain-based milk adoption with its flavor and longer shelf life than almonds and other nuts.

Oat milk has surpassed the other major rivals in the alternative milk industry in terms of popularity. It virtually doubled in size (by 95 percent) over the previous year, while interest in almond milk increased by 19 percent, and soy milk dropped by seven percent.

This strengthens the argument for experimenting with and expanding the use of different grains, mainly barley. Barley is a rich grain that can be cultivated in a variety of conditions.

It is the world’s fourth most farmed crop and is exceptionally nutritious, yet it is only utilized to manufacture beer and malt in the food sector.

Unexpected Flavor Combinations

Each year, there are a few bold or unusual flavor trends that make the cut. Food with the fifth flavor experience of umami, on the other hand, has been famous for a few years.

Chefs are now experimenting with mixing umami’s satisfyingly rich overtones with sweet and acidic taste profiles like citrus.

In 2022, we expect hot chili peppers and other spicy international flavors to make an appearance. Entrees will be accompanied by spicy sauces, mustard, and other condiments, all with a tinge of sweetness from the honey.

Which of these new trends is your favorite? Do you want to experiment with flavors, or will you stick to tried-and-true classics? Now, you can concoct your own nutritious recipes and keep up with the current food and dining trends that will rule in 2022.

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