Five Dos and Don’ts When Preparing Your Kid for Their First Visit to the Dentist

Many first-time parents try to postpone their child's first dental visit. Their common reason is that since there is no dental problem yet, there is no need to take them to the dentist. In reality, you should send your child now to a pediatric dentist in Murray after their first teeth have shown up. This is to avoid future problems from arising and help keep their teeth healthy as they grow.

Before even setting up an appointment with your kid's dentist, make sure to prepare them first. The following are some dos and don'ts to remember when preparing your child on their first visit to the dentist.

Stay positive

Kids can pick up negative vibes from their parents. If you get scared or feel anxious as their first dental visit comes close, they will dread the appointment and get scared of the dentist. Just try to keep it as simple as possible. Don't give them false hope. Assure them that the dentist only wants what's best for their oral health.

Don't use the dentist as a scare word

Many parents know children dread visiting the dentist. This is why they choose to use the dentist as a way to scare kids and make the children obey. This is a big no-no. Using such a tactic will make it hard for you to convince them to go on their scheduled dental visits.

Be careful with your words

When talking to your child about the dentist, mind what you say. Avoid mentioning injections, shots, pain, and hurt. This will only invoke fear in them. Think of creative ways to help them go through their first visit. Instead of telling them that the dentist will check their teeth for cavities, tell them that the doctor will count their teeth. Instead of telling them what plaque is, tell them that the dentist will check how white and pretty their teeth are.

Don't skip the pretend dental visit

A pretend dental visit play will help overcome their fear for the dentist. Using a clean toothbrush and a flashlight, show your child how the dentist will check their teeth. You can either count their pearly whites or attempt to clean their teeth. Don't make drilling noises. Avoid using a toy syringe so as not to scare them off.

Assume that your child will react negatively

Visiting the dentist

Not all kids are afraid of the dentist. But there are many reasons even adults avoid visiting a dental clinic. Some will cry, whine, or even try to escape the visit. Others will even go for a full-blown temper tantrum. This is why it would be best to take them to a kid's dental clinic instead of a dentist for adults. The kid's dentist will know how to best handle the situation. They will either allow you inside so that you can hold your little one's hand or let you watch from a distance to comfort your child.

Parents play a significant role in how children will react to their first visit to the dentist. If you scare them and tell them how painful it can get, you can't expect your kid to love the dentist. Try to be patient and be sensitive to their needs.

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