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Did You Know? These Celebrities Have Fake Teeth

Celebrities may seem flawless with their perfect smile, gorgeous hair, and glowing skin. But you’d be surprised to know that some of these people are not what they seem. Some of them, for instance, have dental implants or veneers because their teeth aren’t perfect.

So, if you think you’re less than perfect because you’re getting dental implants in South Jordan, then think again. Here’s a list of famous people with fake teeth.

Morgan Freeman

The Tennessee actor who played God in two movies (Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty) didn’t have a perfect smile to begin with. When Freeman was just a young actor, he had a gap in his teeth and the color of his teeth was far from shiny white. Eventually, he had the gap removed and had his teeth whitened.

George Clooney

So it seems that even celebrities who get stressed out tend to grind their teeth, which is what this Ocean’s Eleven star has been doing. According to reports, George Clooney is a teeth-grinder whenever he’s stressed and the habit has worn out most of his teeth.

The former star of the hit medical series ER has done some work on his teeth since then. Not only did he get dental implants, but he also had veneers planted on his teeth, which is why his smile seems flawless these days.

Mike Tyson

dental implant

Being a professional boxer who gets hit on the face now and then eventually takes a toll on one’s health. It’s the reason heavyweight champion Mike Tyson had some work done on his pearly whites after he retired from boxing. Tyson had some dental implants to take care of some of the teeth he lost while he was active in his boxing career.

Chris Rock

The famous comedian might want you to laugh at his jokes but not at his teeth. SNL alum Chris Rock is a standup comedian and actor who is famous for his socio-political humor. Earlier in his career, his teeth weren’t in pristine condition, which is why he had some dental implants to replace some of his missing teeth.

Curtis James Jackson III aka 50 Cent

Controversial rapper and actor 50 Cent made a huge impact on the rap music industry when he opened up about dealing drugs before he became a rapper. In 2000, an assailant attacked 50 Cent in front of his grandmother’s house in Queens, New York. The attacker shot him nine times in close range.

The rapper survived the ordeal, but the wounds he sustained were severe. The gunman shot him on the hand, arm, both legs, chest, and left cheek. The gunshot to the cheek cost him a wisdom tooth and a slurred speech. But eventually, 50 Cent recovered and had dental implants to replace his missing teeth.

Tom Cruise

Who would have thought that the Top Gun actor with the famous smile would ever need some work done on his teeth? But that’s the reality for most of these celebrities, and Tom Cruise is no exception.

The Mission Impossible star didn’t start out with a perfect smile that everyone is familiar with today. In fact, the 57-year-old actor had misshapen teeth when he was just starting out. He underwent teeth whitening, teeth straightening, and had veneers to get that perfect smile.

So, don’t worry if you think you need dental implants to improve your smile. Even celebrities had some work done on themselves to look impeccable.

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